Did you hear that? Weed, cocaine, and heroin are all alike!

Discussion in 'General' started by BuffalosoldieRx, May 31, 2009.

  1. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pUwulKdbDYE&feature=related]YouTube - Marijuana Cocaine & Heroin Are Very Similar[/ame]

    I'm gonna be honest, this guy speaks out of his ass. It is a poorly executed interview. O'rielly didn't probe for any explanation, he just agreed with what his guest said. But i got a god laugh out of it anyway ;)
  2. that old fart
  3. all the facts are there, why dosnt the government just own up and say it
  4. More like "We now know a lot less about marijuana than we knew 30 years ago"
  5. Haha, what the hell?
  6. are you kidding me..see we're never gona see it leagelized till this genrations political people all died off...
  7. That's not a debate. They both just talked marijuana propaganda and sucked each other off.

    Bill O'Reilly got tired of getting owned by pro-marijuana people in debates, so I suppose he's now limiting himself to only inviting people who share his same trashed opinion.
  8. well duh. i can't think of one difference between the three. :rolleyes:
  9. Oxygen water and glucose also share many of the same properties as marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. I think we should ban them as well.
  10. People. this is common sense. Its only a matter of time until it is decriminalized all over the us, then it will slowly become legalized. I predict we wont legalize until 2030 at least.
  11. I think the younger generations are much more informed about MJ. It's just loony old farts like this in politics, who still believe the propaganda bullshit that was fed to them 50 years ago, that are holding it back from legalization.
  12. i hate bill o'reilly. he is one of 5 people i would love to jack in the face if given the chance. i hate listening to anti-marijuana bull shit "interviews" and "debates" too. whenever a pro-weed person is debating a anti-weed person, the anti-weed person always gets all the face time and when there starting to get out debated, they suddenly run out of time. no one in power wants to admit that they lied to us and they fucked up. its bull shit.
  13. If they do legalize it, this wont affect me as much except for legal reasons. We arent going to smoke more, we arent going to change our habits. People we smoke in enclosed areas, If it was legal I still wouldnt be outside flaunting my shit. But some people do that same thing right now. and its still illegal, You cant stop free thinking people from using a substance, you just cant.

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