Did you guys honestly not see this coming?

Discussion in 'General' started by Sky Lucas, May 23, 2010.

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  1. About the latest revelations here on GC, as the years went by,GC gained more internet attention.... and with that came over moderating, excessive locks and pushed into commercialization...........the core of GC began to tarnish, and is now gone
  2. Get over it
  3. thanks for sharing OP
  4. I guess a user of 3 months would know.

    Its the life of a forum. And its not over-moderating, its over trolling. The larger a forum gets, the more kids that join and post stupid shit that needs deleting. Its the n00bs that kill forums
  5. sky dog + stoner lucas = sky lucas.. perhaps? making connections where there are none, am i?
  6. :wave:
  7. inb4lock part 2.
  8. No matter what they do, it will never be as bad as the tropical fish forum.....:p

  9. I'm sorry, I just don't see how a forum who's primary topic and purpose in life is to discuss a particular plant that is still illegal in 90% of the world, has suddenly gone "mainstream" in your eyes.

    There's one ad rotator, at the top of the page for Amazon. Other than that, we're not exactly looking like MSN or Google's sidebar during search results. Give me a break man.

    And to be honest, to see a forum charging even a small amount for "premium" membership is rather refreshing. More people probably need to realize that running a site like this isn't anywhere near "free".
  10. Pushed into commercialization? What are you talking about? Grasscity is and always has been a business
  11. [​IMG]

    Whatever man.
  12. i have never ever seen a single advertisement on GC
  13. Ill miss Pandora and all the people in it. No voice for others who like other drugs. Sort of hypocritical i think for a site dedicated to a drug that is illegal in 90% of the world to not allow discussion of other drugs. Not my place to decide, but dissapointing to say the least.
  14. yeah im pissed about that too. whatever, GC is still kickin
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    The modding situation doesn't bother me. There might be some over modding sometimes, but before there was times when it took forever to get a mod to get anything done. I do think there's too many threads being deleted though. I get annoyed when I go to post something and it says the thread is no longer there.

    I did enjoy this place more before(like way back in the day). But that's mainly because I miss a lot of the people that where here.

    I remember threads like "how long will you stay at the city", and so many people said stuff like "as long as I have the internet" or w/e. Then over time, just about everyone has left.

    edit: Oh yeah, and about pandora's box, I'm slightly bummed. I understand why though, so many people where taking it to far. And we don't need people googling a about H and grasscity pop up.

    Yeah there's other places to go.. but I don't like other sites, lol, I like this place. So it is going to bug me a little (I rarely do other drugs though).
  16. I gained so much from pandoras box, so many entertaining stories, pickup posts where I would drool in 95% of them....quality information,....not age old written text.........but getting a first hand account, from a active member who can respond back

    the box has now gone Disney........and no Im not mad

  17. If you've truly been here only since February :rolleyes: then you really don't have any clue about the core of GC...and if you really think the core was the discussion of other drugs, then the ban on the discussion of them was definitely for the best, no doubt. We don't need that to be the core of a marijuana community that was made to bring stoners together.
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