Did you go to Hempcon Cup SF ?

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  1. I picked up some teens at hempcon cup 2014 SF, was a kinda local provider. Was too medicated  to remember / take note who it was. Really  hoping someone here knows so I can go get more from them. It was the booth  with HUGE  teens right near the door to the Medicating area. Thanks for reading, thanks more for an answer! 

  2. I was in Oakland end of August and they had a pre-hempcon thing going on but I didn't go to frisco for the rest.
  3. i was at hempcon in san bernadino 2 weekends ago. 
    same happened to me...i got so medicated from all the free dabs, i couldn't remember what i liked or what booth it was from.
  4. thanx for the replies so far. If no one knows/ can remember :0) anyone know a decent place to pick up economical teens / clones in the east bay ?
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    assuming you have a physician's rec...how much are you willing to spend?
  6. last teens I got I paid $20 a teen. here is a pic. [​IMG][​IMG]not  willing to pay $50 a teen, especially at what elemental wellness, or yb are calling teens :0)  my wife and I both have recs. Thanks again for  responding and helping.
    sorry, the cheapest i could find for teens are around $30, and i couldn't find any in your area.
    i found a lot of clones tho. you interested in that?
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    naw man wife is in a cancer scare still going thru testing to know what all is really up, was hoping for an economical jump on the next grow, cancer fighting doses of oil are stressing me out. whole different ball game than a few oz a grow needed for pain and sleep ya know ? Was really trying  to find some teens to flip to 12/12  quick.  thank you so much for offering help, and spending your time  researching for our benefit BBG.
    Still looking if someone else stumbles onto this thread. Thanks so much to all reading and helping, 
    Edit: we do have some seeds going, but would be ideal to have a flower  done about the time they have vegged.

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