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did you get your Maxim today?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NaughtyDread, Mar 27, 2004.

  1. sound off fools! :D cuz i got mine and i wont even tell ya who's on the cover ;)
  2. i got special addition 2 out of 2. there's a pic of marge simpson on the cover. lol. i'm sad, i want the paris hilton cover!! check out the watch on page 105. it's pure bling, no timekeeping device whatsoever. how fabulously ghetto!
  3. Parris Hilton is a fine woman, I wish I would of remember to get that issue.
  4. oh yeah i like how they do that, 154 carats of ice next to a woman none of us could ever afford, talk about a snap back to reality :)

  5. she aint a fine woman... she's a fine skank. lol
  6. Lol, nice replie Mustard, I award you one point.

  7. Skank or no skank, you know you'd stand in line for days to hit that. :D
  8. ugh...

    paris hilton is no better looking than the million other hot blondes in california. she just advertises more. sure she looks great from 20 feet away, but she always looks so stupid and her mouth is always all wierd and gross.

    plus she has no ass. thats a big miss. and if youve seen the sex movie... shes totally lacking in the sack and bites at giving head.

    I give paris hilton a c+. i could name 100 girls from my own town id rather have.

  9. I flipped through it in the store, to read the interview with marge, GOOD STUFF!! :D
    am I the only one who thinks paris isnt all that good looking? :/ whats the deal with her? shes too pointy and shiny for me i guess.

    edit, ok nice, adam thinks so too! thank you!

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