Did you get stuck to your seat?

Discussion in 'General' started by HardToker(:, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. Derren Brown was on tv a about 10 mins ago, he shown this subliminal message thing that apparently stuck some people to their seats, so to the English blades who watched this, did you get stuck? I didnt and i think it was aloud of shit!

  2. American here.

  3. This bloke called Derren Brown or something hosted a tv programme a few minuits ago that was kind alike subliminal messages but he showed us like a 1 Min video that aparently made some people who watched it stick to their seats and not able to get up, It only lasts a few mins. I just wondered if anyone actually got stuck to their seats?
  4. Hes a tosser..
  5. is this on youtube? I wanna know WTF could he be showing that would be that interesting
  6. Same guy who did the lottery prediction trick, I found a site that described quite well how he did the trick. I have no idea what this one is about, though.
  7. Aparently he said something to do with resolution so it cant be copied onto the internet? Tbh i think its aloud of shit. try googling "derren brown - Controling the nation" maybe theres a link to it.
  8. Yeah man, it totally worked on me just now!

    just kidding....
  9. My fucking ass won't moveee
  10. I think it worked on me, but I havent even watched it yet..... Maybe its the blunts I jus smoked ha! So some dude in England is going on TV performing some "magic" act, basically mimicking the effects of a good Indica strain of weed?
  11. yeah except i dont think he can get you high..
    if he could get you high just by watching some shit though... i found my new favorite show!

  12. Your right, so he goes around mimicking some of the effects of a good indica strain.
  13. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PpdJiC72S64]YouTube - Derren Brown - How To Control The Nation - Video leak[/ame]

    Unsure whether this is it or not. This is all i could find on google

  14. Yeah same, although i can't say the same would happen if i was watching that on the big screen.
  15. ^^^ I watched it on a 42" done everything he said to do, watched the little video thing and stood up fine! Tbh it's bollocks and yeah hes mimicking a good indicia strain hahah.
  16. Watched it, got up, walked to the bathroom and took a shit. I actually feel lighter now. FAKE!!
  17. Right, and we humans can't understand what God's plan is so we should just have faith in it :p It's a bunch of horseshit, it only works if you believe it does.
  18. hahaha

    True shit, its a placebo
  19. So true bro, Good point.

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