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Did you get high your first time?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Monstertoker, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. I've heard a lot of people say you don't get high your first time. I'd like to know all of your opinions and experiences with what happened your first time. I know for me I got mad toasty and loved it. :smoke:
  2. Oh yeah! I got blazed off my ass!=]
  3. i didn't if i'm honest. there was so much expectation and i was in a fairly big group that i didn't get high. i had my own bud though, and the next day i smoked one to myself. THAT was my first time being high. :hello:
  4. High? No. I got zooted out of my frickin' head!! :hippie:
  5. Thats some serious bullshit. I've heard of it too dude I smoke with all the time swears he never got high. I'm thinking maybe they got ripped or something but I was fuckin retarded high. Two gbong hits and a blunt and i was like blacking out kinda...we were riding down the road to McDonalds next thing I know were inside McDonalds ordering food then I black out I guess again and I'm in the car already done eating. Crazy night dude. Idk wtf that was about. Seemed like Shinanagans
  6. Nope, it took me forever to get high. I smoked at least seven times until I said "fuck it" and ate a brownie
  7. Nope. And I inhaled correctly, too, because I had been smoking cigarettes for a month or so before I tried smoking weed. I only smoked a bowl, though, so I figured that's what it was.

    Nope! The next 8 times I smoked weed, I smoked more than enough to get toasted, but didn't get high. Maybe I was high, but it wasn't what I expected. Just a little bit of giggles and shit. Not like my other friends were. I was beginning to think I had a tolerance issue before I even smoked a lot.

    But, the 9th time was a wonder :smoking:

    My boy "M", his step-brother "C", and I all smoked an 8th of AK47 out of a 4-foot bong one night. I literally thought that shit was laced when it kicked in. No longer was it the little bit of giggles and things appearing more vibrant than usual. I was literally TRIPPING. Couldn't focus on anything for more than two seconds. My body was a million pounds. And this part was what tripped me out the most. I would be chillin' on his couch and put my head down for a few seconds, and felt like I slipped into a different dimension. Nothing registered there, it was just a dream world. And I knew I wasn't asleep. But it only lasted for a few seconds, as something moving or someone talking would make me literally "snap" back into reality. I'd jerk my head up real quick and assess everything, then return to the state. When I finally took that state in and had traveled it, I was brought out again, and this time managed to slur something to my friend. This wasn't his first time actually being high, so he knew the bud wasn't laced. That was my worry. I was SO high, it felt like it was laced with something. When he assured me that it was just my first time being RIPPED, I loved the rest of it.

    I've spent the rest of my stoner days trying to achieve the same high I had that night, but have never entered that state again. I miss that night :(
  8. What if you were sooo stoned you though you weren't high lol
  9. I got so high.

    My friend had been smoking for a few years at that point and we shared a couple of joints between us. I got insanely blazed and we watched Pineapple Express, great experience.
  10. I agree I didn't get high either, just mad giggles. It took me till like 8th or 9th time to get high too. It might have just been because we would always blaze with a lot of heads nd not that much.
  11. Did you try puffin that AK47 again? :smoke:
  12. I was so stoned I couldnt remember what had happened 30 seconds before. haha I smoked super silver haze my first time and I was gone!
  13. i got retarded my first time... smoked out of a bong with my buddies who were veteran smokers and i was ripped for like 3 hours. ended up falling asleep in 4 feet of snow for about 30 mins... the first 15 mins of my high i legit thought i was going to die. i remember begging my friends to call me an ambulance and all they did was sit there and laugh
  14. My first time?

    Hell ya I got high after losing my virginity.
  15. I only had 1-2 tokes from a joint my first time, and I was on smile mode the whole time haha
  16. YES! The same batch it came from, too! My boy "M" was getting it from his mom at the time (me and "C" didn't know about this at that point), so we asked if his "guy", who the whole time was his mom, could get more of it. He said he'd have to check. The next weekend, he had another 8th of it. It was only me and "M" that time, too, but we didn't get that same high again. Sad to say, I believe that was a true "first time being RIPPED" high, and won't ever feel that way again from maryjane. I still LOVE getting stoned, I'd just like to feel that fucked up from weed once more.

    And, that whole story of "M" getting from his mom was a huge thing between me and him that whole time. I never figured out how he'd go downstairs and come back up with a few nuggies on school nights I slept over, or how he couldn't roll a joint upstairs, but would go downstairs to supposedly use the "flatter table" and come back up with a perfect jib. Nor did I question how he could get all this bud without having a job or money.

    Once I figured out he had been getting from his mom, it made sense. That's why she never complained about the smell, us being loud, or the coughing. That's why he could keep a bong out in the open. That's why he could go downstairs and come back up with nugs, or set up to get an 8th for free on the weekends. And, it also explained why he couldn't roll a joint upstairs, but could go downstairs and come back up with a perfect one.

    I felt so stupid when I found out. All that time believing it all, but then when he told me all the pieces fell into place. :wave:
  17. Some people seem to need to wake their brain THC receptors up by smoking one or more times before the high kicks in. For me, nothing the first time, second time was as high as I've ever been and I was in school.
  18. first time i smoked it was with a friend who smoked all the time and deals so he hooked me up since it was my first time we rolled a pretty fat blunt for 4 of us and i didnt really get high but then the second time i smoked i was pretty high then the third time i was blazed out of my mind!!! :)
  19. I did everything right and felt nothing the first time. Next time I was blazed off my arse. It just goes that way for some folks. Obviously, from the answers given, others have a different experience. It's all good.
  20. My third time was the charm. The first two I didn't really feel it too much. But the third time was insane.

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