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Did you get high the first time?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thejolta, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. I did. The night ruled I was in 8th grade and we'd picked up some funky skunk bud about a 20 sack from my buddies brother then proceeded to cheef it in his bathroom and watch scary movie 2, drink a fuckload of water, and eat poppy tarts (pop tarts). And in the morning we woke up to the smell of bacon. Fuck ya.:hello:

    How the fuck do i make a poll? Damnit.
  2. I don't know, I was drunk at the time... lol, I think I did get high though, I did the "marijuana stare" where you just stare at things for long periods of time seemingly thinking about absolutely nothing.
  3. My first time I smoked trainwreck, out of the best hitting bong I have used to this date. I got a super weird high. Everything was spinning, but in like a ticking fashion to my heartbeat, I could feel my heartbeat in me whole body, it was 100% a body high, it was pretty crazy
  4. Im going to try and save that ridiculous high for once I move out.

    Drop like $400 on the most illest bong ever, and just chief all day. It will be aweosme.
  5. I'm really not sure if that sounds too fun honestly... lol
  6. Nope, not high. I was kinda buzzed though. I had split a J and an overloaded bong with two other people.
  7. i dont know about the first time i was in 9th grade but the second time(a few days later) i think did.. i just remember talkin to myself and thinkin of crazy shit.
  8. Haha it was not fun, it was crazy, I did not dig it, I did not want to smoke again for months, but I tried again and now all is good!
  9. I got very, very high.

    I remember being able to barely hold the bowl, I was so worried I was going to drop my friends piece. I still kept going too, through 5-6 bowls. I was fucking flying the entire night.
  10. I didnt get high my first 3 times smoking. I was starting to get worried i was immune to it.
  11. same thing happened to me
    i was in seventh grade around thanksgiving at my cousins house. he decided it was time for me to start, and i kept telling him no that shit is whack, bu peer pressure succeded. i hit probably 3 good hits from a pipe in his bathroom, but never felt anything. the next night, we burned again, and this time i hit the pipe like a fuckin fiend, and still nothing happened, so i was like "man this shit is hoot", and my cousin was like shit, maybe you are immune.
    I beleived him until one of my friends from school and i decided we would smoke for 4.20. i got a littl high, mostly it was killed by the placebo "immunity". His brother moved a lot of dope at the time, and i am from a very wealthy area, not to brag or anything(considering it is the gayest fuckin place, and there is nothing to do), but for 4th of july we went to one of hs two ebach houses, this one in santa cruz, and we probably smoked 2 oz over the course of three days. needless to say, my immuntiy didnt last, and may i say that five grams to the head froom his bubbler was the highest i have been to this date!!
  12. i didn't get high the first time.. i was using a bukket and couldn't get a decent hit without coughing my lungs out after like a 1/4 second inhale haha. I tried two times and gave up for the time being until like a week later I smoked a blunt and sat on the couch at a party staring at space for the rest of the night haha (until the cops rolled up)
  13. Not the first time. I took six huge hits out of a tin can pipe and felt nothing but placebo.

    The second time I was only a little baked, but it was awesome nonetheless. I ended up getting really tired and falling asleep though.

    The third time, I went to fucking mars and back :D

    Most of my friends didn't get high their first time either. In fact, I know a kid who didn't get high for about the first ten times he smoked.
  14. The first time me and my friend smoked like a 2 gram blunt of kush. (sucks that it was wasted on me cause i didn't feel anything).

    Luckily the next time i smoked a few days later (still the kush) was the best toke i've ever had. it was such a body high and i "could hear my hair growing" :hello:
  15. Anyone that doesn't get high their first time just isn't hitting it right. I've seen so many retards just burn some bud and just keep it in their mouth for some reason. The first time I smoked it was just some mids rolled up in a blunt. A little bit later I was laughing to the point of tears in the corner when my friend was pretending to box me but would stop an inch in front of me. And for some reason it was ridiculously amusing. hah
  16. No, just really giggly. Obviously laughing is what happens to most people, but this was without any of the other effects like euphoria. But the next time I got high... I'll remember that forever lol.
  17. I was 8 or 9 the first time I smoked it, and I didn't know what it was, let alone how to inhale properly. The guy that I had smoked it with, Aaron, was blazed out of his skull, but I thought he was just a moron for acting the way he did. A few months later, I learned how to inhale, and from then until I was 12 (when I started smoking full-time), I got baked every couple of weeks or so, if at all.
  18. Oh yeah. Back when I was in High School we smoked a joint at a park before going bowling. I remember how my legs felt in the car, the claustrophobia of being wedged in the back of a car with two other people, seeing all the lights from the buildings as we arrived. I ended up wandering into a bookstore and reading magazines. My friends eventually found me. Apparently I never told anyone I was going to the bookstore.

    I don't remember bowling, but I do remember eating at a greasy spoon diner afterwards. Me and Mary Jane have been an item since.
  19. first time i got high i was hot boxing the shit out of my friends car with his mini bubbler and his friends bong... i was STOOPID high... it was soooo goood so deff
  20. Some mid nuggets...gravity bong. Yes I inhaled...yes I was quite the stoned "FACE BURNING!"

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