Did you get high the first time you smoked?

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  1. I did not get high the first time I smoked and for all of those that are saying you must not have inhaled that is BS because I was a cigarette smoker before I started herbs and I definitely knew how to smoke. It took about 3 sessions but once I finally did get high it hit me like a ton of bricks! Damn near didn't know who I was! Ooh how I loved it!

  2. Lmfao! wish i smoked a joint to my face for the first time ever.:hello:
  3. The first time I smoked was some shitty home made pipe, with some broke ass dudes who probably had schwag - but I was to clueless to know. I didn't even inhale properly, so I thought it was pointless.

    6 months later a friend from school pulled out a ROOR from his closet when we were hanging, and I took a hit - or how I thought you were suppose too. Didn't work. Then he taught me how to - next hit got me like stupid high.
  4. higher than iv'e ever bin in my entire life, iv'e bin in some insane drug induced close to death states but iv'e never bin happier/ higher than the first time i met sweet mary.
  5. I got way high.
    Smoked a bowl with some buddies...

    3hrs later I have a demolished Domino's box in my lap and I feel like my body is one with the couch... fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk
  6. Yeah i was pretty high my first time. I watched jackass, laughing my ass off.
  7. Nope, maybe a tiiiny buzz
  8. I rolled the joint wrong and I had to keep relighting it. I didn't inhale the first few times, but then I started to wonder why I was not coughing (they say people cough the first time they smoke) and I was like "Oh, I'm just drawing it into my mouth, I need to breathe this stuff in". Nothing happened for a while after I figured it out, so I just went and drank some vodka to get a nice buzz. I must have had a delayed reaction or something, because as I was riding the buzz from the vodka, the high hit me straight on. It was nice for a while, then I started over thinking things, getting paranoid, and for some reason remembering every scary story I've ever heard and every horror film I've ever seen. So I took the vodka and hid in my basement like a girl.
  9. I got high, smoked out of a bong and it felt like my lungs were on fire. Then it went away and I stepped into nirvana

    It was the second time I didn't get high. Smoked 3 joints and only a slight buzz
  10. Nope. I didn't feel any different than normal. I stayed completely sober after toking for the first time.
  11. The first time i got high i got the munchies so badly and me and my friend just laughed for like 5 minutes until it hurt. So yeah i was pretty high. Good times.
  12. Haha thats just weird man
  13. No, it took me 3 times before I actually got high.
  14. I struck out 5 times.... 5 freaking times!! And I was inhaling! But that glorious, glorious 6th time was insaneee in the membraneeee
  15. i had a brownie for my first time. so yes i was blown out of my mind. i was actually high mid way into the next day. was a damn good time.

    was playing poker after the brownie and i folded four of a kind, thinking my friend had a royal flush. THAT HIGH.
  16. Nope, I finally got high after my 4th time smoking. In hindsight I think that was due to a combination of me not knowing how to inhale properly and shittily rolled j's.

    It was a blunt that finally got me lifted though, and boy did it
  17. I got high my first time and I had smoked cigs a bit and watched my friends smoke weed so I knew how to inhale. but I smoked a shit load (5-6 bowls with my friend) cuz I didn't want to not get high. it was a glorious sunny day at the beach. great first time, one of my best highs ever
  18. I had about a blunt to myself and I got high as shit.
    When it first hit it literally knocked me on my ass, the whole room was spinning and I couldn't stand.
    And I was still zoning out the whole next day.
    Best $5 I ever spent :smoke:
  19. no, wasn't until the second time (was also pretty drunk) or the third time that I got high
  20. It took me about 4 times to actually get high, i was pretty disappointed.

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