Did you forget you were being robbed?

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    16th Amendment was never ratified by all the states. Meaning, the government has no right to tax us on direct labor.

    Just a thought...

  2. *response to title of thread, didn't watch video; so high*

    I didn't forget, in fact I'm quite aware of it....
  3. Yeah you go ahead and skip on paying your taxes. Ask Wesley Snipes how that worked out for em

  4. [​IMG]

    Wesley must have just narrowly lost the opportunity to become Treasury Secretary...to tax cheat Tim Geithner. But Timmy is an "insider" - former NY Fed President and Vice President of the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC), a component of the Federal Reserve System. :(

    This was posted in the Austro-libertarian/AnCap/Market Anarchist circle jerk thread:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yIYJ-TtFb9I]YouTube - Statism's Assembly Line[/ame]

  5. It kinda goes without saying that you have to be part of the Good Ol Boys club to skip on the taxes :p Same way they get away with all the other bullshit they pull....

  6. I haven't paid taxes in a little over 10 years now. living off the land has many benefits :smoke:
  7. Just move to international waters, house boat. Boom.
  8. hmm, on the interwebs and all, I think you pay bills...so even if you believe otherwise..you do pay taxes. (and if uncle sammy finds you have income to pay bills, but no tax papers filed...your new home may be bunking with Bubba:p)

    Not that getting away with it wouldn't be good...;)

  9. This can only work if I have some kind of business being ran on land that generates income, like L. Ron Hubbard did with scientology lol
  10. Never said i didn't pay bills. Although i have very few, i still buy some groceries and pay for electricity. I also generate income, which i keep 100% of. How you ask? well GC won't allow me to say but im sure you can take a few guesses ;)
  11. Is Aron Russo in this film?
  12. Yes..

  13. Just be careful...:D

  14. Yes and uh,, save money. :devious:

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