Did you finish High School?

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  1. Hi general public, I was just wondering who all here graduated? I didn't graduate myself :(. I was searched in school one day because I was known as the "bad kid" in school. I really wish I hadn't of treated school so foolishly. Somebody had smoked in the bathroom one day, and they locked down the school and called me down as a suspect. It honestly wasn't even me.

    They searched me and found a roach in my wallet, I was suspended for 60 days so I dropped out. It was a terrible decision and I kick myself in the ass all the time for it. I really would suggest to STAY IN SCHOOL. It'll help out a lot in the long run.
  2. And dont bring illegal items either.
  3. i got caught with weed on me at school and was suspended for 8 days lol i got lucky there....but of course then i got arrested for selling weed to a minor on school grounds.

    even though thats not what fucking happened.
  4. I finished back in 09, thank God
  5. I graduated and to be honest sometimes I do miss it . I busted my ass a lot since I was on the verge on not graduating. Pulled through and now college before Military .
  6. I dropped out my senior year.
    Long story.
  7. Didnt get credits for my sophomore year cause I had like 40 + tardys and 21 absences
    So guess who gets to do summer school ? aLot :0
  8. i got expelled from my high school my sophomore year. school brought dogs to school and brought them to the student parking lot, and i had weed and my bubbler in my car, so they searched it and found my shit. got expelled (this was in february) and had to go to a "second chance school" for a few months. finished that, my high school let me back in (something theyll never do again) in time for the start of my junior year. i graduated, and now i'm in college at a big university.

    moral of the story, you can get in trouble and still graduate
  9. Of course I did.
    I go to a CSU now.

    I have a smoking buddy who dropped outta high school during his senior fucking year and now he's bugging out about it. He's finally thinking about the future...
  10. Class of '03
  11. yes... in '08, and i have 10 hours left of college
  12. Yeah I scrapped by. I was smart but unmotivated.

    Now I have an amazing job with a lot of opportunities. You don't need to do good you just need to graduate. You 100% need a highschool diploma these days. Except for a few EXTRAORDINARY examples, you need a diploma to get a job.
  13. Yes, and I never failed a single course. Ever. And they say pot ruins lives....
  14. I dropped out of high school when I was 16, then I got my GED 2 years later which is when I would've graduated anyway. Talk about retarded irony.
  15. Class of 05. Lame school but i still passed easily. Didnt start smoking till after i graduated also.
  16. Absolutely. 07'
  17. 2004. Straight A's and goody two shoes until 10th grade. 11th grade I turned into an A/B student and turned into the class clown, and then 12th grade I was burnt out from school and was a C student. Last two months I skipped every other day ... literally for at least two months. Only got passed because I was a "good student" up until then and they kind of turned the other way and just told me to make sure my grades don't suffer.

    My school was definitely chill, though. Miss the hell out of it. My principal usually was the first person to get to the school and it was usually around 5:45. One day we had off on a Friday and parked at the school at 3AM Friday morning and forgot about the possibility of it being a teacher workday. He rolled up, saw and knew what we were doing, and told us to put it out and smoke it when we got home. :D
  18. 2010 ... going to college in fall ... started smoking after high school
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    class of 08 ! did way too many drugs IN(literally during classes) highschool and never got in trouble till the last month of school(not to say i'm proud)...and for what? some dick teacher called me out for eating a REESES in the hall during class.

    i'd say i made a pretty good run. 3.6 gpa..then college came. a lot tougher in my opinion :p
  20. finishing public education is anything but difficult. of course

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