Did you ever think there might be a cop on GC watching US?!

Discussion in 'General' started by DriftingApart, May 24, 2010.

  1. :eek:

    Scary thought.
  2. What could they do, really?
  3. If there is:

  4. i am the cop watch out. i will arrest you.

    i am arresting you.

  5. Nothing really. Most of us are annoyomous

    Unless you put like the latitude and logitude of a 100 plant grow room in your house, then you really don't have anything to worry about.
  6. THERE








    If there are, they arent here to bust paranoid minors.

    PS: Brush up on international laws

  7. I didn't say there were, i just said did you ever think there might be.
  8. Do you mean as regular members or searching out stoners to bust?
  9. it would be awkward if you were a cop and u caught some stoner smoking weed...

    the next day you log on to see a post about somebody you caught crying about getting busted ha

  10. I hate you.
    I'm revising you for an exam tomorrow.

  11. Well luckily other drugs aren't allowed to be posted/talked about so we don't have anything to worry about. :D
  12. Title: GOT BUSTED!

    socool420: I got busted u guyz:(

    (various pity responses)

    Notacop: See you in court:wave:

    BTW: your car smells like ass
  13. what cop would really take the time to troll an Internet forum in hopes of busting relatively anonymous stoner kids?
  14. Did you ever think you might have cancer? Now that's something to be worried about.
  15. Not like it mattered
  16. Answer: No

  17. Oh.. i ment just as regular members. like watching us but not really out to bust anyone. Cause they can't really bust anyone on an internet weed forum..
  18. Yeah, it's just the one cop. Dude sits in front of a computer down at the station and reads our posts all day. Just to watch us. You know?
  19. Ah, your post was misleading. Whenever this pops up, its always paranoid kiddies thinking cops actually patrol here.

    I wouldnt doubt theres cops or ex-cops here. Obviously they would never admit it

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