Did you ever feel like your life was a waste?

Discussion in 'General' started by Doctor Bubbles, Jun 28, 2003.

  1. No, I do not speak of depression. Usuallly when im walking around with my buddies, I continually wonder "What will I tell my kids ( when their of age) all the bad, and at the time, fun shit I did. Would I have cool storie? Or would I be that boring dad that little Timmy runs from every time he reminisces?

    What im saying is, dont you just wish that in 30 sumod years, youll be able to tell your kids....

    "Yeah so we pulled a hey mister, got smashed, had a party on the football field, and got away with it. Not to mention our life filled with school pranks and such."

    Ive been thinking about this during my months punishment ( Last day, got busted for boooooooooze)
  2. well, i'm only 18 so i can't exactly say my whole life has been a waste.

    but so far it has!

    things can only get better? yeah right.
  3. rational thinking ruins fun, smoke more and you will either forget all about this or become paranoid that you will fail everything in life and run and hide in a corner

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