Did you ever crossbreed?

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  1. Ever set out to make your own strain? What did you do in terms of planning?
    Maybe something hermed seeds happened. Viable or no?

    I would like to produce a hybrid. I would like to hear experiences and opinions.
  2. I think you can find around 10000 Strains on Seedfinder.com. , I wouldn't go thru years of breeding and selecting, back crossing etc until everything is stable when I can just get some proven stuff from a Store. Maybe because I'm to old, for a young person it's maybe worth to invest the time and money.
  3. I've bred a couple high test strains into some autos. Got some F1, then went to F2 for mixes.
    The F1 did prove to be some faster blooming variety:
    F1auto/reg cross of MF/SN x #4

    I backcrossed it to produce F2 generation of plants, from which I obtained a female auto.
    I then used some silver to induce self pollination of this F2 female, thus producing the S1 generation:
    I've only grown it out once in a bubbler. I will grow some more more in the future. Gnarly smelling strain with good potency :)


    I've since handed these seeds out to a bunch of friends and familiars. I've called her Trojan's Gift.

    imo, if you want to try something, and to understand it, and to become intimate with it, then do it.
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  4. "Gnarly smelling" - yes, we like the funk. Excellent pictures.

    I'm just not interested in the froot of the month strains which seems to heavily pushed as of late.
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  5. Sure! Most experienced growers have.

    Go ahead and select 2 strains you like and cross them. See what you get. It might be good, or even great! Or it might show you nothing worth repeating. But go ahead and see.
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