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Did you ever argue against marijuana

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Alex1646, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. Before I started learning about marijuana, I was extremely anti-marijuana. Haha, would have never expected that I would be smoking regularly.

    But anyways, generally, in my arguments, I had four "points"
    -Causes cancer.
    -Makes you do stupid stuff.
    -Illegal drugs are illegal for a reason.

    I also used to strongly condemn friends for smoking weed.

    Oh the irony.
  2. I thought weed was the bomb since like 3rd grade, don't know why, it just always appealed to me.
  3. Never was against it, I really didn't know too much until a couple months after I started smoking. I don't remember having drug ed classes when I was younger , I do remember DARE but I just remember them talking about how to wear a helmet when you ride your bike. If they were saying "don't do drugs" I had no idea what they were talking about. I'm glad I didn't grow up with parents saying it was terrible, they never mentioned anything about drugs.
  4. i dont think so... i was never really anti-marijuana, but when i was really young i assumed drugs were bad but i would never have been in an argument about it when i was that young
  5. i was anti-drug until i turned 21...yes i'm a late i have obviously been SCARED STRAIGHT for many more years than i have been smoking....and let me tell you, i don't wanna change at all and go back to the way i was. i was such an ignorant and judgmental person before i started smoking. marijuana is not an addiction either, it's just really really really hard to convince someone that the negative effects of marijuana outweigh the positive.
    i've been getting really good at this too - when i get into an argument with someone who is anti-marijuana, i always win the argument.
    here's a nice, FUCK YOU to allll the straight-edge people who are going through life with their nose in the air and not caring about who they walk on.
  6. No. I have not.
  7. No, but I did knock some other shit back then that I enjoy these days
  8. I was never against it, but I do remember in middle school being like that kid smokes weed o shit lmao me and my friends still joke about it to this day but once my best friend and still best friend tried and then asked me to do it and I did I can honestly say it was one of the best descions of my life and hopefully I will be able to keep smoking till I die and one day see it become legal
  9. I've never been against it, I always thought it was cool. I used to be against drinking though, and smoking cigarettes. Do all three now.
  10. i was a stoner before I even smoked
  11. I used to believe every drug or substance was bad, thanks alot school. Anywho my parents largely because my brother went south with drugs and stuff and since he smoked herb alot they attributed it to that but since hes my brother I knew he was doing other things way before he started using marijuana. So to my parents weed is the worst drug ever known because they think it destroyed his life but it was his bad choices ultimately that led to his downfall.
  12. As part of my punishment for being caught w/ weed, I have to write a 5 page reflective essay on "Why marijuana is a dangerous drug that can ruin your future". I'm having difficulties finding stats on the dangers of weed...above the influence might help me out there
  13. i never was against it i think. i remember them teaching us about it in elementary and middle school, but i was never like "Oh its horrible! that stuff causes cancer!" i just didnt really care i guess or ever thought about it. then one day my senior year of high school one of my friends i hung out with (and still do.. well i guess he's like one of my best friends but all we ever do is get high together or we dont hang out.. does that make him like not my best friend.. shit im high and im typing what im thinking lol) and asked if i wanted to try it so i did and loved it and then we kept getting high like everyday during school and shit.
  14. fuckk yeahh man lol but saw the light and learned the truth fuck the government
  15. No, but I wouldn't partake in it till I was 17
  16. My parents used to smoke, and told me that it was no big deal really, except for the legality. My parents were pretty cool about it.
  17. My Dad always said... "I never did any drugs because I have an addictive personality and know I would easily get hooked"... So when my freinds started on the weed I was all "not for me thanks" then I decided to have a go.... and 20 years later im a slave to it! :) lol.... Dad's arent daft :)
  18. growing up i saw movies like:
    -dude wheres my car
    -harold and kumar

    and pineapple express. So i didnt realy think it was to damaging, always appealed to me, i guess growing up in a strict hosehould made me want to rebel and marijuana was the answer, hardley rebelliousnes, but in a sense gave me a profound feeling of indivuality!

    Nothing wrong with experimenting we are only human!
  19. I was a bit, i'll be honest. I thought weed made people lazy, dumb, killed brain cells. But after a few cones here and there, i realised it's just a fucking plant that gets u high and munchies, is 10x... wait 100000000x less harmful than tobacco and them party drugs, and also everyone is happier when they're stoned.

    Get high or die.... (fuck, someone help me think of a good word lol)
  20. I didn't start smoking until I was 20 but never have been really anti drug.

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