did you cry the day you graduated?why

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  1. I'm about to graduate from high school and got my yearbook today. I went home and smoked,right after I took it out and started to look at my friends and the memories that we had. There were a lot of bad ones but also funny memories for some reasons I felt like crying kinds emotional.
  2. R U serious??? fuck no...i couldnt have been happier to leave it...dont get me wrong tho...HS was great..a lot of good times...but its fuckin HS...i would never want to go back..HSers are so stupid too lol...always gettin caught and shit

    just get outta there and be happy...make better memories in college ( I know im not...not this year at least...my freshman year I will always remember tho)...looking back on HS when ur in college u will probly thnk that HS sucked and that ur happy to get out

    and i ddint even want to be at my graduation...why would i want to be appluaded for something that you are supposed to do...ill be happy as fuck when i graduate college tho...only 2.5 more years...now graduating from college...thats an accomplishment
  3. I thought I would because two days after I would be moving here, but I didn't.
  4. if i cried, it was because i was so happy to get out of that shitty place
  5. Nope, I was so excited to get away from the people I went to school with. I went home rolled a joint and walked in the woods to just think about how much better everything was going to be after I left.
  6. I cried like like James Lee Woodard when he was released..
  7. Well i'm graduating in a month, but i didnt cry watching requiem for a dream.. i got close though
  8. I did cry that day.

    I was chopping onions for some homemade salsa, and, I just felt the tears come over me...

    In 6 months, high school will be just a distant past to you, bro, be happy, and go get wasted.

    If you feel too sad, go make us some homemade salsa, it's very cathartic, and tasty, too.

    Chips and Salsa, with a cold one, for the teary eyed grad, please.:wave:

  9. I should be done with school, but being the idiot that I am, I didn't go to nearly enough of my classes. Now I have to go back for 1 more semester :(

    oh well, its my own damn fault.
  10. when i graduate, i KNOW im going to cry.
    hell, ill probly become depressed for a couple weeks
  11. Definitely not.

    I was kind of a ghost in high school. All of my friends were either older than high school age or went to a different school, so high school was just a stop I had to make before I went to hang out with my friends...

    Besides, I failed economics, had to go to summer school, and didn't "get" to do the graduation walk bullshit... :p:smoking:
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    Definitely not. We had graduation in Constitution Hall in DC, and as soon as they let us out I ran outside, threw my cap and gown in the trash can, said peace out to a few people, then went home and got stonnnnneeeddd. Seriously, one of the best days of my life. I hated high school.

    When I graduated college I just about cried...the speakers wouldn't shut up, and my bald head was getting sunburnt. But I was happy to be done there too
  13. At my high school graduation I couldn't believe how long the speakers were talking

    At my college graduation I couldn't believe how long the speakers were talking

    Stop talking and give me my diploma
  14. i cried because my family left early so i had to walk around the field and see all my friends with their families while i was alone, i couldnt even go to my grad party i was so upset, for the first time in like a year i actually wanted to give my mom a hug but i couldnt
  15. Cry? Tears were no where on the radar. I mostly tired, hot(its was one of PA's glorious hot n' humid days), and most of all ready to go drink my a$$ off at the beach! ahh good times
  16. You guys that all said something along the lines of fuck no, i hated hs either:
    a) had no real friends
    b) are trying to be e-tuff guys

    Face it, at the end of HS you won't be seeing the same people that you have seen everyday for the past 4 years. All those memories that you made with these friends are just that memories, you will never be able to relive being in HS and the friends and experiences that you made. Not only that, but you won't be seeing a lot of these friends ever again, or very rarely after taking for granted that they would be there everyday for the past four years. I had a GREAT time with my friends in HS and STILL MISS it. If I could go back to HS every now and then I would in a heartbeat(I'm a junior in college now). I honestly feel bad for anyone who didn't think HS was one of the greatest times of their lives.

    Don't get me wrong, college is a whole new type of fun. So much freedom, so many people, a whole new territory to discover. It's awesome, but its not a substitute, you will miss HS.

    edit: BTW, I did not cry after graduating, but I was pretty depressed about it.
  17. I don't remember, I graduated High School in 1988
  18. First of all, grats on graduating man.

    Nah, I did feel kinda sad but I was going to see all the people I made friends with over summer anyways and now looking back on it I am glad to have left that place behind. College is just infinitely better, for me at least.

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