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  1. Because I'm high and on my period...and the "write whats on your mind" thread is sleeping with the fishes :mad:

    that saying says fishes right? or just fish?
  2. Yesterday we went over gastrourinary emergencies. Along with this, I have decided to become a-sexual.

  3. BME pain Olympics. I dare you to watch it.
  4. Ive actually seen worse
  5. BME pain olympics is nothing.... 4chan has destroyed my thoughts!

  6. my first thoughts..


    i <3 tampons!

  7. waaahhhh! you must be scarred for life bro. I know i am:(
  8. I've seen that and I think watching a girl sneeze out her endometrial lining would be just as gross.
  9. Alright I'll buy that, and yeah it's fishes (yes it is a word)

    I was about to eat spaghetti before reading this. Fuck.

  10. either way its coming out

  11. yes, but with tampons I have to look at, and feel it less :p

    either way periods suck nuts. :smoke:
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    Err...Its just blood and tissue...im a guy...i dont give a fuck. Just dont let me go down and then have that shit start right as my face is buried down there (never happened to me personally but ive heard horror stories and I always make sure to double check just to be safe ;)). That would definitely ruin my week.

  13. tell me about it...I have really bad cramps and I heard that tampons makes it worse if you're like that...but like I said tampons are a better deal...or better yet that birth control that gives you 3 periods a yr

  14. lol...yeah thats gross...never understand why some men like it
  15. [​IMG]

    For the loss...
  16. Yes I knew that but I'm a girl so...

    Still pretty gross to discuss.

  17. really? how?
    do you mutilate your ........um........everytime you coff?
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    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WsNS8jYTVAQ"]YouTube - Homer Simpson Screams[/ame]
  19. lmfao!....ok so.....

    when i was much younger....i asked my dad if it was ok to have sex with my girl when she was on her rag............................
    all he had to say was

    "your a piss poor Indian if you cant take a bloody battle......:eek:"

  20. Between this post and the video it has been confirmed that you sir, are one funny fuck. :wave:

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