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did ya ever?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stylez, Feb 25, 2003.

  1. Look in the mirror while ur high?

    I swear its a WHOLE different person to me when I look in the mirror n im blazed. Not a bad thing, just odd, I like it tho, its fun to see urself through a 'different' set of eyes so it'd seem :p
  2. Yeah I think its weird on any drug or whatever like cors or

    robo tripin.. :D
  3. I have noticed this too,

    It's even crazier to look in the mirror while on shrooms. :D
  4. try looking in the mirror on dex...freaky!
  5. haha I'd be too scared to, I've never done nothin outside weed. You think I should try dxm, shrooms, or percs or oxy's first? I only want to do em like once just to try em, and only one of em which would be the best for someone who just smokes weed?
  6. out of your list I've only done dex, so I dont know
  7. just smoke some crack man.... :p but for real, fuck it, stick to weed. If ur gonna do somethin else, trip... easily.
  8. look in the mirror high, yes..
    for girls i so not suggest putting on a whooole makeup job this way. ya think ya look pretty good, then later, when ya aint so high anymore, its like wtf was i THINKIN?

  9. yea, noticeably the eyes r different :p

    i don't like to look at my face while on acid or shrooms, i can't put into words what that can be like, if trip'pin hard
  10. I dont suggest waking up facing a mirror whilst still high, I did it once and it took me a good 30 seconds to realise who it was stareing at me!
  11. shit.... lookin in the mirror is fun..... its also fun when you try 2 jump when ur high..... iz crazy............
  12. You guys ever see yourself ageing when you look in the mirror? I've seen myself go from my 18 years, to 25, to 35, to 45, and then to 60. It was fucked up, but it ruled. Man, I'm gonna make a sexy 60 year old. I guess maybe then I get some play.
    eeewwwww......I just got a mental picture of that. Fuck!
  13. I can see my ego
  14. Screw it, I'll get 900 today.

    I know I can learn alot about that stuff at erowid but I'm just sticking with weed and alcohol for now...the other day I thought it would be cool to get some nitrous again like in high school lol

    Then I started thinking about growing salvia, gonna do some searching...there's a market.
  15. At first I said 900 eh? then looked at ur posts, hehe nice.

    yep is a GREAT resource for drugs. If I ever do anythin i'll make sure to look it up there first.
  16. yeah erowid is awesome.

    i love looking like off to the side of the mirror, but focusing on myself in the mirror....i start like moviing around and crazy i move my body in "robotic" movements....its bloody all should try it.
  17. hell ya, my eyes look so fucked up!!!
  18. haha looking in the mirror on shrooms is great, even greater on Acid. I got lost for a few minutes and had to have someone pull me out of the room. Then it was back to normal. :hippie:
  19. lol! chundon that smiley face is the shit
  20. whats acid like in the mirror?

    i've tried shrooms then looked in the mirror. bloody tight...

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