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Did ya ever have one of those dreams where you were running...

Discussion in 'General' started by CrowClaw, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. Did ya ever have one of those dreams where you were running from something or someone and its like your stuck in slow motion or like your really drunk and you keep falling.
    Also you ever have one of those dreams where like someone was stabbing you or shooting you but you just couldnt die,you wanna die but for some reason you wont you just keep getting stabbed or shot.
  2. or the dream where something bad is happening and you go to scream but nothing comes out.... scary shit
  3. Yeah ive had a few of those or it comes out in a like a squeek
  4. or where your falling for like 2000000 feet and you just suddenly WAKE THE FUCK UP right before u hit
  5. Ha I had the run slow and couldn't yell dreams. Not in a while though
    its fucking terrible lol
  6. Or when you try to fight but can't make a fist. Shits shitty.
  7. omg i thought i was the only one!
  8. or when your about to fight someone and your swing is only .2 miles per hour and does nothinggg....oh shittt
  9. Have you guys ever had spoken word in your dreams?

    I honestly can not remember a single time where I have heard someones voice.
  10. Yes to all of the above. It's terribus. I rarely remember my dreams anymore. I really don't get enough good sleep being a single mom of an infant : /
  11. or you fighting but your only hitting with the strength of a toddler or your throwing punches incredibly slow
  12. i especially hate the drunk ones cuz i know im fast enough to get away but i keep falling
  13. Theres almost always dialogue if I dream
    (technically remember the dream, we all dream)
  14. yea Ive had the running an trying to get away ones
    as for the stabbing an shooting no but I once chased a guy in saints row cause he wouldn't die an stabbed him approx 355times..

    edit: I think Im thinking of mercenaries =\


    i think its from having bad circulation while you sleep like if you were sleeping on your arms or something
  16. i have died before in my dreams. everything goes slowmo and black. then i wake up....suspect....

  17. i hear my own voice a lot
  18. I seem to have the dream where you go to punch somebody but as soon as you hit them its the most pathetic punch ever.

    I have that dream alot and i thought it was just me.
  19. Ive had slow punches and I've had dreams where i was walking and it was extremely hard to walk. Not too sure how to explain it, it takes extreme effort to move my legs and its almost painful in a way.
  20. have you ever been falling asleep and have that feeling like you skipped a step? like you thought there was an extra step on a staircase or something and it feels like your going to trip and you sort of jerk your leg and wake up?

    fuck I hate that.

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