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Did weed get less fun over time?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Billys lad, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. #1 Billys lad, Jan 8, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 8, 2013
    Me and my friends used to fuck around and do some of the most stupid and funny shit conceivable but now all we do is sit around quietly and occasionally talk or ask for the bong. Anyone else noticed this over time?

    Tolerance was there all along (after the first 6 months or so obviously) but now there just seems to be a huge feeling of lethargy looming over us even though we do and have always smoked however much we needed to get really grilled.
  2. That's because of tolerance, and also you're probably maturing.
  3. ^ its probably your tolerance you either gotta smoke a lot and get really really high or take a tolerance break
  4. Yep has happened before, but then we all went out and bought new glass. Re-energized us all
  5. it can get fun if you don't use weed appropriately. sometimes i like getting baked daily. at different stages, i would much rather get baked two times a week
  6. stop hanging out with the same mother fuckers every day... you run out of things to talk about.

    weed gets less fun when it takes more to get stoned.
  7. Probably a mix of some maturing and tolerance. I remember getting high use to be a big event when I first started in high school like if my friend invited me to come over and smoke I'd be thinking about it all day eagerly and then when we smoked it was such a big thing and more appreciated

    but now it's like expected that every time I hang out with a friend we smoke. If anything being sober would be out of the ordinary. Unless we get really baked and out there, it's usually just chilling, listening to music, and talking.

    Almost like the line between sober and high is getting narrower and narrower.
  8. [quote name='"zeuskush"']Randomly show up with some four locos or something. I did that once and that was insane. Get a strobe light on your phone and turn off the lights, get a little drunk and really stoned. It'll work haha[/quote]

    This dudes got the idea whether its booze or a light or whatever just mix things up no one likes to just sit around
  9. Maybe you have to get out of your seat? Instead of sitting around go and do shit.

    Oh and time for a t-break. I need a t-break too, have like 8 months without one. But fuck i'm too lazy for that haha.
  10. the people your with the quality of the weed the strain the smoking instrument the amount you smoke the time of the day the environment Tolerance all effect how much fun you can have smoking you just need to change things up the environment plays a big roll smoke in new locations then go explore
  11. I've noticed the same thing, in a way. When I'm smoking daily, it becomes more of something I just do rather than something that I look forward to. Also, when I first started smoking, everything was new and exciting. Smoking with new friends was fun, doing different activities I'd never done high was always exciting, trying different smoking methods/smoking in different places, etc. After a while you experience it all, and it gets a little mundane. Not to say smoking can't always be enjoyable, but after a while you experience a lot and then it doesn't become as exciting anymore.
  12. No sir. Gets more fun as i get older. As you have different life experiences/gain knowledge it becomes more stimulating i feel.

    Take a break. Seriously take a couple month break from it, go out and live it up for awhile. Then come back to it and you'll say "wow"
  13. im bored as fuck with weed right now. only because all my dealer ever has is shitty fuck indica... it makes me fucking exhausted and i usually fall asleep 30 minutes after smoking. I havent smoked a sativa since april and im sick of it.
  14. nope weed is always the greatest :)
  15. Weed gets better for me every time. I get to a point where I'm never not high lol
  16. I enjoy weed especially when I haven't partake in a while due to busy schedules or other priorities, I look forward tomorrow because my boys from H.S. I used to blaze with are coming through along with my other bros, were going to smoke from the bong, watch a movie and just chill like the good ol days.

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