did weed fuck up my

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  1. today a rude awakening occured. it doesnt even matter who said it because its value makes me feel like it holds true. Ugh well someone told me that weed is fucking up my life because i rarely go out and just smoke weed. it makes me think like what if there right. What if weed has changed my for the worst. Has is sucked me up into that hole of just wanting to smoke. I'm not blaming weed at all i know its my use that might cause this. i just wanted to talk basically because you blades usually know exactly what to say.
  2. Are you happy?
  3. Funny the person im talking to about this just asked me the same thing. I feel happy with the way i live
  4. ^

    Werrrd. If you're happy with the way you're living your life, no one can tell you otherwise.
    When you wake up in the morning, as long as YOU can be YOU with out saying, "Wow, I'm fucked up and hate life", shit should be going okay.
  5. whos to judge then, and who gives a shit. your happy, and that is what counts.
  6. Bro, what you've got to understand, is that many people choose to make the buddah a much bigger part in their life than it should be.

    I did that in my first couple years of smoking too.

    My best advice to you, would be to take a break or two.
    Just 5-7 days, or something of the nature, totally without weed.
    This does three things, proves you're fine to live without bud, gives you time to live life, and gets you baked off your ass next time you smoke =]

    Hope I helped, let me know if you need anything else.
  7. just go outside and smoke :)

  8. Yah i actually was thinking about going for the month after my bag im smoking now is done.

    and thanks everyone your right if i can be happy i shou
  9. na man i'm in my house hitting the bong as we speak.
  10. A month is a serious commitment, but you should be able to pull it off.
    If you haven't taken many tolerance breaks before, I suggest going for more like 2 weeks.
    Just take it nice and easy =]
  11. yah biggest t-break i've done was 2 weeks.
  12. I went through the same shit man. I just became content sitting in my basement smoking weed and watching tv. I started taking tolerance breaks, but I still ended up just sitting around doing nothing most of the time. Then I bought a longboard, and discovered how awesome it was to take bong rips than go be active. If all your doing with your life is smoking weed, don't start smoking less, just start doing more. Everything is better stoned.
  13. You don't need a T-Break.
    Those things are a crock of shit unless you NEED to for a DT.
    I suggest, as many other blades will....

    Cut back.

    Instead of balancing your life around marijuana.
    Why not save it, like many mature people would save a cold beer(s), for the appropriate time?

    Pretend it's Sunday.
    You have no work, no plans, and a lazy day in-front of you.
    Why not spark up then?

    Pretend it's Monday.
    You're working, you're getting stressed out, your schedule is loaded to fucking hell.
    Why not finish all your shit off, doesn't matter how long it takes, then spark up?
    If you're too busy for the night, don't incorporate marijuana, just set it aside for when you are freer.

    Smoking when you have free-time is a guaranteed better trip.
    Wouldn't you rather have a great trip, and to smoke as much as you want..
    Then to smoke some just to kill the stress (which means you are just tricking your brain..).

    Think about it.

    It's how I operate.
  14. the amount of detectable thc doesn't have anything to do with your tolerance, it has to do with neurons in the brain. the more you smoke without a break the higher your tolerance becomes.

    thats why you can build up a tolerance to cocaine, even though it passes through your body in hours.

    whats detectable in a test is already used up, you don't stay high cause thc is in your fat
  15. I didn't say it did.
    I meant you don't need to go on a tolerance break, as in stop smoking pot completely..
    Unless for a drug test which you would need a few solid weeks of sobriety to pass..
    Unless you to a detox.
  16. just be who you are and what you are happy with. Stop worrying about the outside world of what is acceptable in a society and that you have to go out this many times in a week to be accepted. If you want to go out and have a great time than enjoy it. If you want to stay in and chill while you blaze a few bowls- the more power to you. Just do what you feel is right in your heart.
  17. This is what I've been trying to do in my own life as of late. It's such a treat to light up under the stars on a Friday night after a long week.

  18. why would a month be a serious commitment, "everyone knows marijuana isnt addictive", u should be able to go years without any problems right?
  19. This is a good topic cause it's crossed my mind manny times. I started smokin weed probably once a month, i was doin great in school and so on. Then it was every week, every other day etc. Then I started taking other drugs, which is purely not weed's fault, but it was a social thing. Started smoking weed everyday, (bout 2 years now) and did very well in school again for a semester... After that, out of no where my motivation went to shit. Mostly cause i started drinking heavily, and experimenting with other things.

    Now though, i'm not taking many other drugs, and a lot less drinking but still when i wake up lately, i'm not that happy. Weed just isn't the same for me anymore and i really think its time for a t-break on my part. I was below a 2.0 last semester because i would rather smoke bowls. Now i just get high to be normal and cause I'm bored. Reality check.

    ***EDIT sorry i never really addressed the OP, but I think you not wanting to go out really isn't the weeds fault. There are times in my life actually a lot where i'd rather stay in, get high watch a movie. It's natural, but if it's every night and you're excluding yourself from your friends, it's time to think.
  20. Well, why don't you just start going out? I mean as far as problems go this one seems to have an easy solution. Don't get me wrong, I get what your saying and I caught myself doing just that a while ago. I just started cutting back on how much I smoke and started getting involved with things again. Everything in moderation my friend.

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