Did this the other night....does one cancel out the other?

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  1. All right so a few days a go I was on around 2.5mg of Xanax and later on happened to do some blo with a friend....does the xanax cancel the cokes effect or no?
  2. Didn't you feel it by yourself? o_O
    I doubt it'll "cancel" the effet, you'll probably just be really high
  3. Honestly I've been so fucked up these past two days that I don't remember a thing including how I felt....
  4. I read that taking xanax after coming off coke is suppose to help the come down....but I was just with friends that night and unexpectedly did both except in the opposite order
  5. i dont know about any of that. if you cant even remember how it felt thats sad. Honestly bro, this forum is about weed. Stick to the green and dont fuck with the rest if you want my opinion.

  6. word dawg.

    i dont smoke to get high,
    i smoke to meditate.
  7. Yeah I don't really fuck with coke and xanees once in a while...but after that I think I'll go back to what I use to do.....good old marijuana
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    pharmer.com has all the pharmie data you need...take this shit elsewhere..

    So report it instead of calling names, dude. Name-calling is against the rules here... -JD
  9. If you where doing blow and it was good, you would have felt it!!!

    even if you where so bent on zanex that you could not talk, the powder will change ALL Tthat.

    but i would like to say as a friend, stay away from that kind of stuff:)
  10. Relax, who do you think are buddy?
  11. I don't know how it's physically possible to be so intense and unpleasant when you smoke. Shouldn't you be doing cocaine?
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    lol this.

  13. W E L C O M E
    T O
    P A N D O R A ' S
    B O X

    If you can't handle the box, don't open it in the first place.

    And as a sidenote, I doubt he wants your opinion.

  14. well actually this part of the forum is about other drugs!

    this is pandoras box dude... get your facts right
  15. what nag said.
    everyone saying oh drugs bad besides weed
    well welcome to pandoras box
  16. its pandoras box you tard...
  17. I would never mix xanax and coke in anyway, more than one person I used to go to school with have died from this combo. They were probably doing alot more but still...

    Have Fun But Be Safe
  18. The four of you should know that this thread was moved.

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