Did they discontinue the Camel Turkish line?

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    I've been smoking Camel No. 9's and Camel Crushes for a while, but decided to buy a pack of Turkish Silvers at my local tobacco store, but they had none. I assumed they were sold out and just got a pack of Crushes instead.

    I google'd it and saw something about it getting discontinued, but not much, so I'm wondering about this now. Like I said, if they've been discontinued for a while I've been smoking No. 9's and Crushes for a looooooong time. And yeah, I know they canceled Turkish Jades a while back because I used to smoke them as my "regular" cigarette, along with Turkish Silvers on-and-off.
  2. I saw a pack the other day at 7/11..hmmmm jeeze man ya never know after all these laws being past and such.

  3. Hmmm... There may be hope, then. I'll try a different place when I empty this pack and if they don't have any either I'll just get some No. 9 Menthes and maybe pick up some shit on the way home.
  4. I've been buying 27's and Parliaments recently instead of my usual Turkish Royals.
    But I'd be really surprised if they discontinued them.
  5. 2-4 years ago all i ran on was camel turkish blends and the occasional bold american spirit blend. but shit, they keep jacking up the prices of tobacco items its irritating as fuck
  6. Turkish Silver's are my favorite, I can buy them in my town at almost any larger gas station, small gas stations usually wont have em around here.
  7. Just bought a pack of Turkish blends yesterday.
  8. i just got a pack today. i dunno how they are discontinued but whatev. i need to quit anyway
  9. fuck them if this is true!
    camel silvers are one of my favs
    whenever i indulge in cigs, that is

  11. I feel for y'all.. I don't know what I would do if Newports were ever discountinued. :smoke:
  12. sadly yes like others have said. But all camel products are godly.

    Camel menthol full and light
    camel crush
  13. I loved the Camel Turkish Jade that got discontinued.
    Those were amazing.
    This new cigarette act is BS.
  14. idk I bought a pack of turkish golds this past weekend
  15. I used to love all the camel blends, i smoke camel wides, but i barely get those anymore, wayyy to expensive, i got the indian tobbaco shops, $2.50 for a pack of Seneca 100's full flavor

    they're pretty good for cheap cigs, really smooth.

    I miss my camel wides though, :(.
  16. They're still around. I see old people smoking them all the time.

  17. Hey i love those royals there the bomb

  18. Come buy a pack of smokes in Canada then talk to me about paying too much for cigarettes. It's costs me $13.95 for a pack of Export-A- golds.
  19. Fuck man I just payed 30 something dollars for a pack of horizion 40's

    And this is in Australia
  20. I don't smoke anymore but camel royals were the shit.

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