Did The New Pope Perform An Exorcism On Sunday ?

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    Who knows? Hard to say what may have been going on in the mind of the boy. Who says he needed exorcising anyway? Just because the people who brought him were devout catholics doesn't mean he was. It's all about how much people believe in all this anyway. The bringers might have great faith, but the boy would need it to. Strange things can happen when you believe as some do. Stigmata, visions,  healing of psychosomatic issues. The mind is a powerful thing. So is belief.
  2. As they say "when you put your mind to something"
    The exorcism is looking unlikely to me though for a number of reasons...
    1) No 360 spinning of the head
    2) No Latin phrases
    3) Lack of any projectile vomiting...  
    4) And the most important sign no vigorous insertion of a crucifix in an orifice.
  3. I don't think you can be sure of number two, although what was going on was probably very similar to number two's anyway.

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