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Did that pot law fr outsiders in amsterdamn pass?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by scynt, Nov 21, 2011.

  1. I was thinking of going there in a few months for my 22 and was wondering if that law that said only netherlanders with a club card could smoke in one. I can't seem to find anything about it on google.
  2. No, it didn't. You can still go and smoke your brains out as long as you have $.
  3. Coffeeshop weed is overpriced shit, it's just weed you can get anywhere with an exotic name slapped on it and they give you less and charge more. People who live there generally do not buy from coffeeshops because everything in it is expensive and usually the people who run them are just assholes wanting to make as much money as they can out of it.

    And there isn't anything great about Amsterdam at all. It's just as much of a shit hole as anywhere else. It's barely worth your time to go there unless you want to blow a shit load of money on half-dank. The only benefits I see are going to the Cannabis museum and the Anne Frank house. It's a waste of money if you ask me, it's just the typical stoner stereotype where everybody wants to go there and thinks it's so amazing.
  4. And there isn't anything great about Amsterdam at all.

    Your a fucking idiot, amsterdam is bueatiful. A truely lovely place to amble drink good coffee on a old cobbled road next to a cannal on a slow summer afternoon, with good company. And if you want pick up a few grams (there are honest coffeeshop owners) of good weed and enjoy the setting sun. The history is fantastic, visit the amsterdam museum, hop on the train to Haarlem for a nice day out.

    Dont listen to this dude I have been twice only once for weed, the other time just to be there.
  5. It's kind of ironic because I think BC is like a stoner stereotype, too.
  6. Dude, most people think smoking weed legally is a unique experience. I think it's pretty unique too, and I'm so down to try it! I just need to save up!

  7. Amsterdam is a beautiful place to visit, with the added bonus that if you want to smoke a joint you don't need to get a stranger to hook you up. If the only reason you go anywhere is for the weed, you're better off just sitting at home and buying tons of weed with the money you were gonna spend on a plane ticket.
  8. That's what I am saying, if you're only going there for weed and not to visit cool places that they offer, then you shouldn't bother wasting your money there. Honestly, if weed wasn't legal, it wouldn't even be worth my time visiting there.
  9. #9 screenmagic, Nov 22, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 22, 2011
    Your an ignorant dick, then. Amsterdam is STEEPED in history, Rembrandt alone should make you want to go there along with Frans Hals. Two of the greatest artists that ever lived, check out the rijksmuseum for those. There are great small galleries aswell not super touristy, foam is fantastic. Or if you dont want galleries head up the '9 Streets' or De Negen Straatjes fo losts of interesting shops. There are great places to eat there aswell.
    You just need to open your eyes and stop being so anal to other cultures.
  10. Yo, I miss you on Saturday Night Live. When is the next Debbie Downer skit?

    Seriously, just because you have no life and are miserable, you really like trying to blow everyone else's dreams up? Seriously, why not try to get past the tourist section of Amsterdam, go a little further where prices are legit, and actually see some of what pulls people there. And take one day, and try to be positive, you might like how it feels. Peace.
  11. Amsterdam is great, it's got great character i reckon. Just tokin up in whatever shop you want with almost any great weed you could ask for? Visit all the museums, tour the streets and check out the legit expensive headshops haha. Take a rondvaart (tour boat) through the canals and if you've got the extra funds try see a game of the mighty Ajax football club, or if you're lucky an international game. Walk through the Red light district! Theres so much you can do there.
  12. That sounds exactly like something we have in the states...
  13. For those of you that drink, I hear the Heineken tour is pretty cool.

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