Did storing my PH meter in tap water ruin it?

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    I have a Eco Tester pH 2 meter that I have had for around 8 months now and everything has always been perfect with it. I even calibrated it at least once every 2 months. But for the last month or so now I have been without the storage solution and have been using tap water.

    Now for the last couple weeks I noticed it started to run higher then normal so today I bought some calibration solution to recalibrate it but when I turned it on it read 10.5 and would not drop below 10.0.

    I knew something was wrong right then so I grabbed my cleaning solutions and did that still read 10.0 so then I recalibrated it by dipping it into 7.01 solution and yet again would not drop below 10.0. I even reset the meter but to no avail.

    My question GC is this,

    Did storing my meter in tap water ruin it? :confused:

    Or is it just a faulty meter? :mad:
  2. My instructions read don't store in tap water. Yeah...
  3. Yea, dude... a bottle of storage solution is a lot cheaper than a new ph meter.

    Tap water can make them sluggish, try storing it for a few days in storage solution before buying a new one.
  4. The only reason I started storing it in tap water was because the store was out of storage solution :( I'll try to see if I can get more otherwise i'm gonna have to be using those test strips.
  5. Besides storage solution to store the meter in what else coold I use?

    Would contact solution work?

  6. WTF man!!! Why is this the first I am hearing about storage solution?? All I saw in my packaging was to rinse it and keep it moist, to me that means leaving some moisture in the cover....

    Kinda pissed the people at my grow shop never mentioned anything.... its not like I was concerned about spending money the day I went there and bought all of my start up shit.

    I probably would have been better off on amazon with their "3 usually bought together" suggestions.
  7. Yeah what the fuck?

  8. ^^ Thats how I broke my first meter never stored it in anything and never calibrated it didnt know about eathire till it was to late..

    I went to my grow shop the other day and told em about the meter I had bought from them and they said its still under warrenty and to bring it in and they will try and fix it or give me a brand new one for free im like hell yea!!!

    So im gonna drop it off ina few days but until then.....

    I did end up buying a ph drop kit for the time being where u just drop a couple drops of this liquid into a vile containing the water u wanna test and it appears as a color coded ph chart I gotta say its accurate as hell.
  9. I went to the grow shop yesterday, inquired about the storage solution,

    he says "welll you don't really need it, just use water"

    "so i can just use tap water?"

    "yeah that's fine"

    "Would distilled be better"

    "Well yeah, if you can do that"

    Last I knew a gallon of distilled water costs $.99

    Is he just trying to get me to destroy my meter or something? I know its still under warranty also!:confused:

  10. Dunno what to tell u? I was told to use tap water and a drop of hydrogen peroxide once I ran out of storage solution.
  11. How do you store it? I never knew nothing about storing it. Thats wack. Btw i got a milwake
  12. Well, I had the grow shop replace both my meters yesterday, for free... fuckers. And I am taking it upon myself, after reading a lot about them, to fill the cap halfway with the calibrating solution and store them that way...
  13. bla bla

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