Did someone go through my trash?

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    So lastnight I take my garbage to the curb and just now when I woke up I noticed my broken 10" tv sitting next to my garbage can. Now I had put that TV in about the middle of the garbage can when it broke and threw other garbage filled bags ontop before taking it out lastnight.

    Why would just the TV not have been dumped into the truck along with the rest of the garbage?

    Or did someone go through my trash and only take garbage bags thern leave the TV behind?

    I'm a lil worried because I did throw some dead leaves in there along with a small fresh one I accidently ripped off getting the dead ones.

    I am legal and all but still this kind of crap scares me!
  2. Probably a homeless person looking for cans or something. I wouldn't trip about it.
  3. No, they will not take stuff like TVs in the normal trash. lmao You need to drive to the dump and pay to have it trashed. No one went through your trash. The garbage guys just left it behind.
  4. Im fairly certain that you're not meant to throw away electronics like that... could just be my area though. My guess is a garbage man took it out when it got dumped into the truck...
  5. dont put anything in your trash risky then
  6. It's weird to think that when the garbage truck came and picked up my garbage can with those hydrolic forks and dumped my can into the truck that they would of saw the tv falling out and then grabbed it outta the truck and put it back next to my trash can?

  7. It's their job. That's literally why there is still a paid person that hangs off the back of the truck. There are just less back injury claims with the lifter forks now. lol
  8. ok well my mind is eased for now then I do know from now on i'm never gonna put anything grow related in my trash. Nice wakeup call lol
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  10. lol this thread is awesome :)

    They wont take my old mattress, either :(
  11. It's really kind of a dick move to have put it in the middle and make them pull it out after it's already been autodumped in their truck. You're lucky they didn't notice it and just leave all your trash, though. You should look up the garbage rules in your area.

  12. Yea maybe but I sure as hell dont feel like driving to the dump myself. So next week im gonna put the tv in a couple black garbage bags and hopefully they take it this time.

    a couple days ago I got a final notice saying that if I dont pay my garbage bill within 14 days of getting that letter they would stop my service as of Tues the 23rd.

    So screw them im getting a damn burn barrel!
  13. This isnt just a local thing. It is a violation of EPA regulations to throw the older tube type tv's in the trash. The tube part in the back of the tv is made from leaded glass that will leech lead into the water supplies if not disposed of properly. Lead also has no half life, it never breaks down to a less harmful substance.

    Thats why they put your tv back.
  14. id have to say he is right on this 1
  15. I just recently moved, but at my old place they won't touch your garbage if you try to throw out electronics or the like. They tie a tag to the handle on the can that says restricted items were in your garbage so they didn't take it. Most big box electronic retailers, like best buy, will accept old electronics that you wish to have recycled.

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