Did someone die in there?

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  1. I was just reminiscing. I was looking for an apartment once, and as the lady was fixing to show me an apartment, as she was walking up the steps she said, "You're particular apartment is getting new carpet and new paint." I asked if someone died in there (sort of jokingly), and she said, "Yes, actually." I was like, "Ohhh" \

    Maybe this can be a topic about sharing random thoughts.
  2. Discount ^
  3. I think people have died in a lot of places. I dunno, maybe not, I've never seen statistics of how many homes have had people die in them in their homelifetime.. I just get the impression that it's more than you think
  4. ^^ I disagree. People dont die they live for ever
  5. HAHAHA. Well that's good. I take it you didn't get that apartment?
  6. No, the layout was horrible. I knew I wasn't getting it, so I just decided to ask more questions about the death. She said he was in late 50s and was dead for a few days in there.

    The whole thing was just funny I guess, and I got mental images that just definitely made me not want to rent, because he died in the bedroom too!
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  8. Is it a bad thing I can't remember the funny stories from my life.

  9. man... sick and kinky... snuff film victim.. glad u didnt get aptmnt
  10. bad vibes are bound to be where people die.
  11. Gross, at that point he was bloating and fucking reeking of decomposing body.

    Its actually alot more common then you think, lonely old people die, and there bodies decompose in the home, and no one finds out until weeks/months later. Sometimes its repo-men who find out first.

    Ive seen a video of people removing a bed from a house, where a woman died and rotted for over a month on it. They where wearing hazmat suits and the white bed had a huge black spot on it, and it had maggots crawling all over it.

    Could you imagine having that job? Disposing of already decomposed bodies? The smell must be incomprehensible.
  12. [quote name='"GanjaGuru92"']bad vibes are bound to be where people die.[/quote]

    Someone is bound to have died everywhere. Especially in older areas of a city.
  13. I live in Vegas, and supposedly people die in hotel rooms much more often than people think, due to regular things, like alcohol poisoning, overdosing, suicide, murder, etc. But the hotels manage to clean up death scenes rather discreetly as to not ward off future visitors.
  14. when you feel something straaange in your neighborhood..... WHO U GONNA CALL?


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