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  1. New grower here hope someone can add their opinion.

    1) 5' x 14" space completely enclosed, initially was partially open allowing air flow.

    2) 4' fluorescent (one 6500k blue tube, one full spectrum tube) plants are drawn to the blue tube. Adding another 4' fluorescent soon as well. Lights on 24/7 at the moment.

    3) Monitoring temp-humidity and now pH. Temp always too high 90+ usually. Humidity always 35 to 40%.

    4) Added fan to promote hardier stems and control temp, but need to install exhaust fan as well for proper temp. maintenance.

    5) Seed stock new from local grower off of male plants, unknown type but good strains.

    6) Used 25% mixture of Super-thrive and Miracle Gro 15-30-15. I think I may have burned the roots even with this diluted mixture.

    Sprouted seeds in towels with great success but most died when transplanted. Sprouted next batch in peat pellets, lots cracked open then immediately stagnated growth and died.

    Tested pH of my water source initally and it seemed fine. Decided to test it again yesterday and it runs 7.0 - 7.5+ out of the tap, too high I am guessing. The super-thrive lowers it a little but not into the desired range.

    For current sprout attempt I flushed peat pellets then tested pH of run off and was 6.5 ish. Used super thrive only 25% mixture. Covered peat pellets with wet paper towel and enclosed all in a plastic bag and cover from light.

    Problem 1: Cannot seem to get all the sprouts I have to continue growing. They all crack and then immediately stop in their tracks, the root tip eventually rotting away. I'm hoping the pH test and flush will help keep the roots take hold and not burn.

    Problem 2: The two remaining babies I have managed to keep alive are both having the same problem. Yellowish browning on the tops of the leaves that start as small spots and spread, covering the leaf.

    As the temp is ALWAYS high I am guessing it is textbook heat stress, thus the exhaust fan gets installed today. It may also be a little too much fertlizer this early on as well. Am transplanting them today also, the peat pellets just do not hold enough water.

    Am going to start a thread in the grow journal area, so I can post multiple pics not problem oriented. Any suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated, may help someone else also. See pic below . . it shows problem 2.


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  2. well i'll keep it short, and sweet, as i'm kinda high at the mo......lol

    1/how many plants are you planning on putting in there, i'd say 5 max........

    2/the amount of light needed is determined by the size of room, and how many plants are in it.........for a 5' x 14" room, i'd say 5 plants, and 2 HPS lights, as you've got a long growroom.........say maybe 2 x 175w.

    3/ temp is lifted by 2 methods, radiant temp, and ambiant temp.............radiant, is full on heat, at the top part of the canopy, this can go as high as 90-90, as long as there's good airflow from a fan..........ambiant temp is the general temp of the room, taken at approx half way up the wall, and not with a direct light on it, your looking for about 70-80

    4/extraction is good, and helps reduce the temp, sometimes allowing the light/lights to be broought closer to help increase yield.........

    5/ seeds off a male plant?.........never heard that one before.....

    6/ add no ferts whatsoever to the soil to start off a young seedling, till you get a grpow or 2 under your belt..........just normal soil..........i use John innes #2, if your in America/Canada, try some sunshine mix soil............soil contains enough natural ferts for a young plant till it's approx 21 days old, then add some superthrive, and then a fert like 10-10-10...............and when flowering, use something with an N-P-K like 10-50-10...........

    and the above is all depending on how tall your growroom is?

    hope that helped...........Peace out............Sid
  3. Thanks yes much help. I do not plan on putting more than 4 plants in the area I have so should be ok. Am getting journal together as well, maybe others can learn from my goofs lol.

  4. HIGH All, first thing those babies should be transplanted into some soil. Do you have a magnifying glass? Looks like The Borg (spider mites) marks on your leaves.
  5. Nope was not the borg, just simple heat stress. I almost cooked them lol. They have bounced back nicely and I have started a grow journal if anyone would like to have a look.

    My First Grow

    Two pages of posts and pics of my babies and their grow area. They are hanging in there so far thanks to you all and this forum, hats off.

    And a quik question. I thought only male plants made seeds but Sid said he never heard of that, what gives? I was hoping to separate my male from the female and send him outdoors for seed. Seems I may be mistaken, please clarify someone if you can.

  6. Like Sid said, you fert.'d them to early.I think the peat pellets you are using are a part of the problem as well. I bought a little greenhouse type kit this year just to use the container for rooting clones, and decided to go ahead and start a few seedlings in the pellets. Almost all the sprouts started out yellow, then the new green leaves got spots just like yours, I trashed most of them. Ditch the pellets and start them in potting soil.

    As for the male question. Males only produce pollen, which "impregnates", or pollinates the female, she then produces the seed.

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