Did my plant seed?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by franky4fingers, May 27, 2019.

  1. Still a newbie here, not sure if this is normal or what. Have had some crazy weather here in Cali. any thoughts, thanks

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  2. Hopefully you see some hairs coming out of those soon. I am not sure about out door though hope someone jumps on I am curious.
  3. Looking like preflowers...
    Never seen them like that on a male before.
    Looks like a sativa dominant strain....
    Looks ok to me

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  4. That must be why they are so long all I have done is indica and they had stubby preflowers.
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  5. Those look encouraging to me; it is early... but I like to guess.
    I think that in a few hours you will see a faint, barely visible, white thread...
    and you will go; "Ah...".
  6. Careful when it starts flowering....
    It might just double in size...lol

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  7. I just had theses on my gg4s. They will show hairs but nothing will ever come of them .If you pluck it an look inside it will be a tiny seed looking thing but will never get any bigger than it is. I thought I seeded but ended up only getting seeds on the branch I pollinated myself. I'm going to say it's some sort of preflower that never flowers.
    They were all located where a branch split from the previous branch
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  8. Thanks for all the replies .

    What did you end up doing with the plant? Can i pluck the “seeds” and keep going? Should i rip the plant out?
    The plant is currently 3 feet tall 3 feet wide.

  9. Just keep up the good work.
    Outdoor plants tempt to make a few preflowers in spring...
    She will keep on growing until she flowers in summer...
    All normal man...no worries

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  10. looks female to me just the pistils haven't come out yet, and it's already getting trichome development. nice!
  11. There just "Swollen Caylx's", nothing Male about them so leave them on there:)...
  12. Got some nice fat female calyxes there. Nothing to worry about.

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