Did my parents "unrealize" that I smoke?

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    So first some background information. I am in college and go back home about once every two weeks, but I still worry about dealing with my parents and the awkardness that comes with it, especially since one of the main reasons I come back is to smoke with my friends.

    So here is the thing. My parents have a guest house they rent out, but it has been vacant for over a year. Obviously, I have used this place to smoke both alone and with friends (I just recently moved to college, and Im back home on alternating weekends and holidays so its good then too). My mom, who was pretty upset when she first found out I smoke weed (and has purposely done many things to make me feel uncomfortable such as criticizing me for having "drug using friends," standing right in front of my door and talking to my brother halfway across the house to talk about how "bad" marijuana is. ) told me they found grow lights down there, and said "the previous owners were therfore growing which is why we thought you were smoking down there." Now I was upset because once my parents found out I was just glad the hiding it was over. I dont want to go through this again. My mom certainly knows I have tried it (she found a lighter in my pockets and called my uncle who told her (dont blame my uncle he's cool, but he knew there was no room to lie for me) that I had told him I tried it at parties, but maybe she now thinks it was just like ive only smoked 4 times in my life or something. I was actually happy they knew, I was no longer living a lie, but at the same time, it was subtle and they never brought stuff up except as noted above. I didnt even know my mom knew until she started making comments like that. So is my mom just trying to make me feel uncomfortable again, or does she really think I have smoked way less than I really have? Also, she said "thats why we thought you were smoking pot DOWN THERE" does that mean she still knows I do it but doesnt think I smoke there, I cant imagine this, how could you have a son who you know is a stoner but you dont think smokes down there? I dont really want to be in there face about this, but I dont want it awkward either. Also, I found no evidence of grow lights and I cant believe if it had been there, they would just find out now (over a year later), so maybe its a mind game.
  2. bump-please help this is awkward at home.
  3. She is aware of you smokeing pot, but are useing alternative means to talk to you directly, since you are an adult. She wants to convey to you, that she does not approve of this behavior.

    My advice, this is based of some dude you don't even know, is to confront your mother and explain to her that I enjoy smoke cannbis not marijuna. Explain to her it's best that I do it at your home then in the streets, because I can get arrested. She may say not to do it at all, but explain that it help you with your abnormal sleeping patterns and you've read in the an Blank media source that MEDICAL cannabis helps you with your problem. MAke sure she understands that cannabis is not an addictive drug. Show her the UNION! Explain to her you smoke twice a monthe every other month even though you don't.
  4. The best thing is for you parents not to know. Why would it be akward that they don't? It's something you do in your own time and it shouldn't affect them in the slightest.
  5. Dealing with them finding out once was bad enough, why would I want to go through it twice? Even though I dont live there, I still spend enough time there for it to be an issue.
  6. blow smoke in her face, that'll remind her
  7. Yes, i have kind of the same situation. My mom caught me one day, and it took her quite a while to understand that i regularly get baked. When she found out i bought a vaporgenie she was all like, ' are you still into that whole thing?' I said well i'm not suddenly gonna stop because you caught me.
    My dad probably even thinks i stopped toking after he told me to.

    I haven't really found a solution or even an excuse for this. Just gotta deal with it i guess.
  8. College is a place to go to escape your parents and live on your own, try new things, new expierences, part of growing up

    your eighteen, you make your own decisions.... not your mom

    keep smoking.. just dont be sketch about it... know your limits, if you cant come home stoned then just dont go home that night, ya know?
  9. Haha, this made me chuckle...

    Your parents obviously love you and will even if they know you smoke. You don't have to hide it from them, you're an adult. Hiding the fact that you smoke is a childish thing to do. If you were addicted to heroin or something like that, that's a different story. You also don't want to show them up by letting them know you smoke. Just smoke and don't even concentrate on it, it's not like they're going to hate you for it. It's their fault that they are ignorant about recreational marijuana use (and I'm not calling your parents stupid, I'm just saying they actually thing weed is harmful).

    My advice is to keep on toking and to stop worrying about your parents knowing that you smoke. You can either continue to keep it awkward in your house or play it off cool. Also, depending on your parents because obviously you know them more than I, perhaps it's a good idea to confront them and just lay it straight forward that you smoke and try to explain it to them that it's not effecting your health or your grades and hopefully they will see the whole thing differently.

    Hope I've helped, best of luck.

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