Did my girls hermie out?

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  1. Feminized Northern Lights auto flower.

    Its a greenhouse, so an outdoor grow. Temperature is a constant problem, as the space suffer from the greenhouse effect (go figure). This is my third grow in here. This time around I have a 4 inch duct pumping in cool air that's around 78 degrees as it enters the space. It is directed at the girls, and it seems to be the correct amount of airflow as the plants show no stress from the air movement.

    So far, its been the best grow ive done, avoiding many pratfalls that affected my previous grows. One thing I dont remember though is these large balls in the pictures below.

    Did my girls hermie out?

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  2. No worries.Those are female calyxes, NOT male flowers, they are very female plants. They look great.
  3. Rocking, thanks. I welcome any other insights. I suppose its the hairs that seal the deal?

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