Did my friend take my cash?

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    Alright so yesterday at 5 30pm I gave my good friend known him for years 20 bucks to get me weed. It should take him 10 mins I call him 45 mins later like up where are you and he's like oh I'm driving around with my dealer I gotta go an hangs up. So for a while I can get a hold of him, an hour later I get a call from his phone but it's some black guy who wants to kick my ass cuz I fucked his cousin up. Has my dawg ran off with my 20? It's only 20 bucks but it's the concept of him stealing from me which is like a big fuck you to me. So what do you think GC did he take my money? EDIT: there was a point in time when I was calling him some Dude answers and said who's joesph? (my friend) I don't know him you got the wrong fucking number
  2. I don't think someone you've known for a few years would steal $20.
  3. Normally I say give it a full 24 hours. If nothing then, then I say it's a loss and you got fucked. However since you have known him for years I would consider giving perhaps 48 since he said he was riding with his dealer. Some shit may of gone down.
  4. And I'm also afraid he might get me the bag but it's only got a dime in it
  5. Just ask for your money back.

    Fuck that dude, getting a dub should be easy as cake.
  6. Hopefully there is a legitimate situation, posts like these are all too common and that's a fucking shame. Friendship should still have some god damn honor.
  7. I think your 'dawg' has taken your cash, I guess youll find out in the next couple hours
    if he did take it, think of it as a 20 dollar lesson.
    A. never give out money until you see the product
    B. dont trust anybody
    C. for 20 bucks you'll never have to talk to him again, you dont need 'dawgs' like that in your life

    its 2011 man, Im surprised 'friendship' is still a word.
  8. Me and this dude have been through hell and back together. But yeah fuck him if he takes my money and the reason I went to him for a dub is cuz his dealer hooks it up and I mean hooks it up
  9. its sad that in todays world someone who you been down with for a minute will turn around and stick you for a measly 20 bucks...I really hope he comes through and this was all just a misunderstanding...for humanities sake
  10. probably, most "friends" these days aren't worth the shit coming out their ass..
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    Not saying he took it or nothing. It's sad that people that you've known for years and years and are the best of friends with would fuck you over for $20. IT'S FUCKING $20! Like if you're gonna fuck over one of your friends for $20 bucks you are one stupid motherfucker.

    Not the vibe of the city at all...

  12. Word...

    When I used to sell.. One of my "friends" stole an eighth right out of my hand and ran like 2 blocks. Was trying to find his ass ALL NIGHT, just goes to show you, friendship really doesn't mean much anymore...
  13. That's the truth and that's sad.
  14. Word nobody is fucking trustworthy anymore and once you give them an oppertunity and show that you trust them there gonna fuck you over
  15. UPDATE: he just sent me a txt saying who Diz bitch is bruh ***** needs quit callin Diz fone diz ain't no joesph
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  17. Omg 20$.. that's disgraceful...

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