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Did my friend short me?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by beelz, Dec 31, 2012.

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    Ok so like 15min ago my friend came by so I could buy a gram off him. Anyways he comes by and he's so paranoid, I give him some of my rolling papers since he is going to a party tonight. So my friend is at my front door and there's like 3 people out. I just stand there nd giv him some papers nd I gave him the $20 nd he gave me a pretty short bag. I asked him to give me my money back nd he's like I will give you another bag tmrw. I don't really trust him but basically I'm asking if he shorted me.

    TL:DR friend comes by. I give him papers nd some cash, he gives me skimpy sac.

    Edit: I know there are a lot of these, but I really need some insight on this buy. Btw the bud looks pretty good, u can see some crystals although some of it is shake towards the bottom.

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  2. Yeah your lucky if thats a tenth of a gram. Why did you just not take the money back from him since he was right in front of you?
  3. That looks like not enough but OP, those hands dont look at least 18 :p
  4. buy a scale
  5. looks like ur alittle short. not bad. Learn from your mistakes.,

  6. lolololol
  7. Definitely not a gram. He shorted you.
  8. In Oregon that would most definitely be skimpt for $20 on the other hand if i had come accross that in Texas that would be pretty normal.

    I don't know how it is in NJ but i think it would be normal.

    Just find a friend that sells herb and stick with him, friends usually hook it up.
  9. Yea at first I was like leme see the sack. He wasn't paying attention and he told me to just do the trade nd hell give me more later. Since I had no bud and the money was more like a gift. I didn't really lose anything but I am demanding more bud.

  10. Are you goddamn kidding me? We're going to judge peoples age by their hands now? :rolleyes:

    Definitely doesn't look like a gram, OP. He said he'd give you another sack tomorrow... I guess hope that he does. And get a scale so you can weigh this shit out before you hand over the money next time. We can't tell you with any real accuracy how much weed you have by a picture.

  11. Its from the bottom of the bag too, i wouldnt pay more than $5 for that where i'm at.
  12. Lol my hands are pretty small, I even get comments on how I should be a hand model.
  13. I don't think he meant it nd thx for the advice.
  14. It was a joke, OP understands
  15. Honestly these guys might need an optic check up because its skimped but not as bad as their saying like the one kid "looks like a tenth of a gram"

    If I could guess I'd say maybe .7 man but def hit ur boy up tomaro for that other bag, maybe text him tonight to remind him and reiterate n shit

    Good luck
  16. thats a trey bag 3 dollars brings back memories

  17. Yeah, see? This is why it's a bad idea to post a picture on the internet and ask people to visually weigh how much weed you have. :p

    We have estimates from .1 grams to .7 grams. Hell, for all I know it could just be an unusually dense gram of shake. I don't think it's an entire gram, but the point is, it's impossible to know without a scale.
  18. for $20 you better be getting an even gram at least of straight fire. no little ass nugs and some shake.

    for $20 here i would get no less than 1.7 of the best. probably 2 grams even though.
    i don't care where you live that looks like shit. hahah.
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    not a kid

    Its all broken up. no way its a .7. Tenth of a gram might have been an exaggeration but there is like no weed in that bag. Ill bet if he put that bag with the weed in it on a scale it MIGHT be 1.1, 1.2. Either way thats no where near a gram and if you think it is get your eyes checked.
  20. Damn in Cali shit is so much easier and cheaper :D

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