Did my friend have a SEIZURE!? Please help.

Discussion in 'General' started by ChiefMaster, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Hey Blades,

    Today we had a 3 hour delay so my friends and I decided to smoke up and get some breakfast before heading to a chill day of school. So, before I continue the story I want to tell you we weren't smoking weed because of drug testing jobs/parents. One of my friend has this thing called "Code Black Incense" & it's legal and supposed to be free of all banned substances that are in "K2'.

    I had smoked this stuff before and gets you very high and it's smooth and never gave me headaches.

    So we start smoking and my friend(Lets call him Julien) is last in rotation (only takes 1 hit to get you high), so my friend who was packing the bowls packed a fatty for Julien. And you tried to impress everyone and clear the whole bowl to himself and couldn't do it. But he sat there and sucked a pure milk for a good 30 seconds.

    This is when things started get weird.

    We are all at my car when he starts just standing outside my car and not moving. We all call his name and then he starts to FLIP OUT. Like flailing his arms everywhere and rolling down this hill. He went into the ROAD and was rolling around in front of a fucking car. This crazyness went on for at least 2-3 minutes when he finally went to the bottom of this hill and I calmed him down and he kinda just woke up. I got him to walk to my car and I drove him home and I put him in his bed and gave him some water. He was passed out in the car though, sleeping really deeply but breathing fine

    This is where I am confused now...he was not twitching or have convulsions at all. He wasn't responding to me and did not say one word. His eyes were perfectly fine he just look very serious. I felt his heart and it was beating really rapid but he was breathing just fine. He just went completely crazy. He woke up at his house saying the last thing he remembered is him taking that hit and all the shit I told him was really fuzzy and it felt like a dream.

    And before you say anything I know people shouldn't smoke incense but idk we had all done it 10+ times.

    Please input your opinions I am freaking the fuck out.
  2. maybe just a fucked up experience and not a seizure. who knows, man? if he seems fine then it should be all good, be thankful for that, and don't touch that shit again.

    i'm no doctor though so your guess is as good as mine, just some input.
  3. A friend of mine had one from that legal bullshit, so I would not be surprised if he had a mild one. It sounds kind of like he did.

    Obviously stop smoking that shit.. if that doesn't get you to stop then nothing will.

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