Did my dog eat my quesadilla?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Fëanor, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. I'm eating my quesadilla, and then the phone rings. I had a bite of quesadilla left, and I went to answer the phone. When I come back from the phone, expecting another delicious bite of quesadilla, there's none left. Either I ate it all and forgot, or my dog stole it. What do you think? I think my dog ate it. I swear she had this big dumb grin on her face when I got back...
  2. that bastard took the last bite?! time to get her fixed, her mating privelages have been revoked permanatly. haha :)
  3. i second that...if my dog eats my food i get pissed as hell...and its a quesadilla...
  4. LoL that sucks.. and I don't even know what a quesadilla is.

    But it was prolly your dog :smoke:
  5. was it one of those quesadillas made my el monterey??!!? if it was, i feel for you man, those things are the shit!!! peace
  6. I voted that you forgot. But where was your dog when you came back? was he/she in the room or no where to be found?

    I tend to forget I ate things when I really did a lot, and my dog isn't aloud in the house.
  7. People always blamin the dog for shit, farts, missin homwork, yo mom givin birth to werewolves...

    No man seriously you know your high ass was chewin that last bit of quesedilla on the way to the phone and forgot, ease up on Rin tin tin

  8. if the dog got a contact high the dude would be one mean buddy for not offering food & drink.

    If the dog stole it just assume you never hooked him up after getting him baked enough times to deserve it.
  9. This topic inspired me to make a quesadilla, and I must say, it was one of the best one's I've ever had.

    Thank you!
  10. that happens with me a lot.. i start eating something then come back to it expecting more and it's gone.. this usually happens when i'm stoned hahah.. i don't have a dog..
  11. The dog did it. My dog would definitely do it. It's a quesadilla...hell, a cat would do it!!! :p
  12. I think it was the quesadilla gods playing tricks on you. who was on the phone? i bet they were in on it too. ..hmm, I wouldve smelled my dogs breathe[​IMG]

  13. Does your post count say 6000?
    Anyway....I've actually smelled my huffalumps breath before to confirm that he stole my food. He's not so bad about it now but he steals cookies when he gets the chance.

    ...and the person on the phone (I'm assuming person) was in on it...I totally agree with Sensi! :p
  14. was your dog high?

  15. did it really happen if nobody saw it?? hmmm....[​IMG][​IMG]
  16. I made it myself. Chunks of spicy seasoned chicken...3 kinds of cheese...mmm

    Anyway, nope, my dog isn't a stoner. I tried to get her high once but she kept squirming away so I just let her be sober.

    When I came back into the room, she was laying on the floor right next to the table, and I swear she was grinning...
  17. ummmm........

    maybe if fell under the table????? :confused:
  18. damn that sounds so good right now........
  19. Its the pooch! They love to get your goods when you aren't looking. Never...ever leave any broken up bud on your coffee table. (well never do it at my house) :smoke:
  20. this has seriously got to be one of the funniest worded posts i have ever seen i was laughing so fuckin hard when i saw just the title

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