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Did mmj prices in CO go up?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by camram, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Only a month ago Weed Maps had most places selling $25 an 8th w/membership but now the standard looks to be $35. When did this happen?
  2. It happened when the new laws went into effect 7/1.
    The Colorado Department of Revenue says that it's
    illegal to sell or distribute product lower than what
    it costs to produce.

    It's all about tax $$$.
  3. How does this membership thing work? You join the place and get better prices? Here there are no memberships so that's news to me. And is $25-35 the lower priced bud or the top shelf? What's the most expensive strains run? Sorry for so many questions. I'm just curious what the scenes like there.
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    i dont live there but from what ive seen and heard from my buddies it's 20-35/eighth if you are a member... non member is 40-50/eighth for most places. Depends what city (CO Springs, Denver, Grand Junction, etc.)

    i can pick up 200/oz down in CO Springs though but i havent yet... there are some bomb buds down there... im ok paying my 70-90/q prices in MT for buds like these for now though... they cost like 70-80/q for my buddies... 90/q= top shelf medical dank... used to be 70-80/q but the "economy is rough"
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    Membership usually means that you sign over a clinic
    to be your caregiver. Which means they are allowed
    to cultivate 6 marijuana plants for you, 3 in veg, 3 in

    Most clinics have their own membership incentives,
    like gift bags, free 8th every month, free 8th upon
    sign up, quarter for the price of an 8th, it just varies
    clinic to clinic really. Most of the top quality strains
    I've seen can be around 50-60 an eighth, but that's
    bullshit. It should never be over 45. It'll be interesting
    to see where the industry goes in the near future, all
    of it's going to be about price wars.

    The only problem is that I'm sure all the clinics will settle
    into the 35/8th due to the DOR rules. So then it will come
    down to quality, what are you really getting for your money
    ...I bet very few will be left standing after that.
  6. yeah i paid 35/eighth shop price here in montana for a good 6-7 months... $1=.1g if you are a patient most the time... but ill pay 40/eighth and 20/half eighth any time... 45/eighth is a lil steep... ive been paying 90/q for my last 2 medical pick ups (i think my buddy gets taxed now so weed is a lil more expensive i guess probably 140-150/half and 260-280/oz may be 250... but he gets it for like 120-130/half, 240/250/oz i bet. may be more but i doubt it) before my price was 65-75/q for homegrown dank but the medical is better: (kushage and cindy 9, but i have my buddy pitch $50/eighth) so i only have to pay $40/eighth still haha :D

    And honestly... as long as you can get 200/oz just buy ounces... it's worth it if an eighth is 30-35. :(

    I think i might make a trip out there in a couple weeks (10 hour drive) so it's not too bad. :)
  7. Oh yeah sure, I mean if you're a frequent buyer,
    buying by the ounce is the way to go, no doubt.

    I conserve my herb a lot since I don't want to keep
    spending money and I just don't need to be a heavy
    toker, it can become counter productive for some ppl.

    Personally, I've been leaning more towards edibles. :D
    Cuts back on the smoking, easier to gauge dosing,
    (if you know your tolerance), plus the meds are more
    effective since it lasts longer. When you smoke bud,
    you're burning off 70% of the meds, and you're only
    getting about 30%. With edibles, you get a consistent,
    full dose of THC in your system without losing anything.
    In fact, I think I'm gonna go on a edible shopping spree
    soon. Then again, edibles don't work for everyone.


    Anyways, sorry I've gone off topic. Hope some of the
    info I provided helped though...
  8. O no man i love edibles. :D i just ate one of these today, bought it for $10 (shop price is $9)
  9. Ok, thanks for explaining that for me. Cool idea. I know a lot of people here would love the membership idea. I personally like to grow my own plants, so I wouldn't want to sign my caregiver status over to anyone. But if I couldn't grow, that would be nice. Sounds like the prices there are about the same as here. Anything from $20 to $60 an 8th.

  10. This law exists for business as a whole. It's known as Predatory Pricing = charging less than your average variable cost to drive competition out and gain a monopoly. With MMJ, wouldn't the price be always more than your cost? So I don't understand the law as presented above.
  11. I dunno bout all of CO, but prices in boulder are diving down so so low..... My friend picked up a quarter pound for 550 on sunday of some really dank lambs bread.... I got a half o last week for 90 bucks......

  12. o GOD DAMN
  13. Apparently it depends on who you know... i know i cant score any 550/qp's in Colorado or Montana... Oregon and Washington on the other hand.... (400-700/qp ftw) ;)

    Prices are slowly going up in Montana because of our new laws (went from 6 plants for each patient to 4...) but now you either have the choice of growing your own or having your caregiver provide it for you... lots go the caregiver route... my buddy in bozeman just grows his own however. Too pad 4 indoor plants= not enough bud haha. Ill probably just snag a couple ounces off him since each plant (chemdog#4 and headband cuts) will i only yield 2-3 ounces i bet... so 8-12 ounces may be?

    Anyone have any experience growing those strains? I know they are both great hybrids... :smoke:

  14. If you are a "member" it means you signed them on as your caregiver. Which means you are NOT legally supposed to be growing your own bud.... You need to be your own caregiver to have that benefit hahahaha, well, not really caregiver, you just need to not have a listed caregiver.
  15. I think this is correct. But if you grow your own you can still shop at mmj centers, right?

  16. Oh definitely, you just cant be a "member" lol and if you ask me, signing on some place for 25 dollar 8ths is still bullshit... you sign them on, they can grow 6 more plants.... and you get what... a few bucks off 8ths and MAYBE a monthly discount where as if you grew your own, its all dirt cheap and you get all the bud you deserve hahahah
  17. Yeah I totally get this, I mean you're right it is about
    Predatory Pricing. I believe in following law that are
    set in place for businesses. What we're getting at is
    if we want to give out "samples" of medicine, that
    should be okay. You can get samples of any other
    pharmaceutical meds for free, so why can't our patients
    do the same without having to purchase something in
    order to get their free medicine?

    Then again the Obama Admin sent out a letter that said
    mmj has no medicinal value, but then they just issued
    55 federal level cultivation licenses to big pharmaceutical
    companies a couple weeks's all just bullshit
    hypocrisy in the industry.

    So then tell me, where is that monopoly really going to
    come into play? Most certainly not the mom n pop shops
    you see around now.

    Also, I'm with Sirsog, if you can grow your own, do it!
    If I could I would, in fact we encourage all our patients
    to grow if they can. Even going as far as helping them
    set up their grows.

  18. Lol there are a grip of meds you cant get free samples of, mostly consisting of the heavily regulated types... But weed... i mean.... its weed.... not some heavy opiate stupefying drugs lol

  19. Hahah well sure, but we're dealing marijuana not opiates.
    LOLOL, these are licensed patients we should be able to
    accommodate for. Certain strains may not work for MS,
    AIDS, cancer, fibromyalgia patients etc. So why would we
    make our patients take a gamble on an 8th that may or may
    not do them any good? Sure we could just sell them a gram
    or whatever, but that's just not economical. We do our best
    to guide you, but only you know your body. We have a 100%
    guarantee that if you don't like the meds, or it doesn't give
    you the desired effect you'd like, you can bring it back.

    Just not everyone is in the position to swing by and bring it
    back. Surely it's not that big of a problem for us really. It
    just means we're generating more revenue which is what
    everyone wants. We're not all about the money though...

    Blah but I'm sure you can see my point. No fret, there is always
    a way around things, legally of course. ;)

    Sorry OP, I don't mean to derail your thread. :hide:

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