Did man really land on the moon?

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  1. Ok, for some reason, I've noticed this has become a big topic in some places. People believing it's a conspiracy, etc. I want to know what you guys think, and back it up. I figured if anybody had some good input on here it would be my fellow GC members. I'm hoping RM will hop in on this =P. Seriously. I hope you guys respond.

    Did man REALLY land on the moon? Or was/is it a conspiracy?
  2. According to my other half, they never did.
    In my case, I stand undecided.
  3. Yes, they did.

    The evidence is absolutely overwhelming.

    It's almost as bad a holocaust denial, without the whole anti-semetic element.

    Thanks for bringing this up, Reggin. I still find it hard to believe grown adults buy into this stuff.
  4. Of course they went to the moon. Even if the first moon mission was made up, man has gone into outer space so many times it doesn't matter. But it did happen and millions of people watched on television in real life as the giant space craft went up into space shooting of flames. And then some time later it came back down.
  5. Wow, something we agree on.

    Quick, check for me Jonathan - is it the apocalypse!?

    Just fooling -- glad to see we agree on something, though.
  6. [web]http://pirlwww.lpl.arizona.edu/~jscotti/NOT_faked/[/web]

    They landed on the moon.
  7. I've never seen that before, thanks LT.
  8. I was always a little iffy on the subject, but I discussed the whole thing with one of my teachers a year or two ago, and he cleared some things up.
  9. Not a problem. I mean, the other day, somebody was like, "How can you REALLY believe man landed on the moon?"

    I could only respond with, "Are you serious?". I don't know - It just baffles me how they can be that ignorant.
  10. Seriously. Fuck If I ever wind up becoming an astronaut, Ill put up a flag that says "Hey GC ! I'm On the Mutherfuckin MOOOON!"

    Just so you know its me.
  11. I was really hoping on getting some hardcore moon landing deniers here.
  12. gosh i would think it would be crazy for humans to attempt any other type of space exploration if they faked a moon landing or didnt have enough knowledge about it.

    How can you know anything about the universe if you dont know anything about your planets only moon?? I know this is just a generalization but you get the idea i hope..

    I do think the world is flat though..
  13. I agree with you there. I mean it's pretty obvious - ever look outside? Jeeze, I hate how scientists think they know everything.

    It's all in the evidence!
  14. My friends uncle said he worked in Hollywood at the time and he was involved with all the filming in a discreet Hollywood studio. You ever look at the videos? I mean where are all the stars? It doesn't add up.
  15. do you know theres massive amounts of radiation around the moon they would have had to have landed there with a ship that had 4 foot thick lead walls and what did they land with??

    a tree house made of tin foil and bottle rockets :mad:

    and the famous "flag" was waving in the "wind" whats that you say there is NO air in space OPPS

    and why has not a single person been back since


    and i do belive that united states always has to be the big shot of the world and what happened before we so called landed on the moon didnt rusia send up a satalite oh damn they stole our thunder
    "lets goto the moon"
  16. The Van Allen belt would fry anybody trying to leave the Earth's atmosphere. Case solved.
  17. i wonder how big secret installations on the moon are...and how do i get a job growing pot there?
  18. Haha awesome, I should have just been a little bit more patient.

    I'm paranoid that you're just humoring me, but let's not waste time with that and let's get started with the science, yeah?

    Well, your friend's uncle was absolutely lying then. Does he have any evidence at all of his assertions or is he just flapping his lips and expelling hot air?

    Yeah, well that's a really easy one to explain. It's as simple as the exposure; to capture the astronauts of the Apollo missions in good lighting; they cameras adjusted to the lighting of the environment, which are far too underexposed to see any of the stars.

    Try this; go out on a clear night, stand underneath a lamp post, focus your eyes on a lit object and see how many stars you can see behind it.

    Learn more here.

    It's basic photography, man. Not to mention this photograph would have been very hard to fake:


    Moving on...

    Well, it's a little bit more complicated than that.

    Anyways, the problem with this argument is that radiation exposure is cumulative; the astronauts were only exposed to low doses of radiation. I've heard estimates of what a normal human being experiences in one year of living on earth. It was significant, but not life-threatening.

    Oh yeah, and all this.

    Yes, you're absolutely right. But the thing about the lunar surface, since is has an extraordinarily low pressure atmosphere; there is minuscule resistance to the energy put into the inertia of the flag's material.

    " This process can be duplicated on earth. Slip the buckle of a belt over one end of a yardstick (or meter stick). Hold the other end of the stick and let the rest of the belt hang underneath it. Now move the stick left and right as if the hand holding it were a pole being twisted. Vary the speed. You will notice some complex pendulum motions at the bottom tip of the belt that look uncannily like the movements of the flag in the Apollo video. Why do we use a heavy object like a belt? Because we need something that won't be greatly affected by the air resistance on earth. In a vacuum the nylon fabric will have some of the same properties as the belt."

    Taken from this website, which has all the information you're obviously not aware of.

    I hear this one brought up constantly, although I don't understand how it validates the notion that the landings where a conspiracy.

    The reason nobody has been back to the moon is a political and fiscal one. Firstly is that there is not a tremendous amount of scientific knowledge to be gained from a manned mission to the moon. Secondly, is that for that little scientific knowledge that IS obtainable; the cost is extraordinary, astronomical, to excuse the pun.

    It's as simple as that.

    You do realize that word doesn't qualify as evidence, right?

    Well that's your problem right there; mixing political biases with science.

    Well you're right, Sputnik definitely did charge the space race. Again, I fail to see how this validates your conspiracy theory.

    It fits in perfectly with reality. It's hardly an anomaly.

    On that note, don't you think that if the Americans had faked the moon landing that the Russians wouldn't have been the first to know and call it? Don't you think that they poured over the evidence of one of their biggest international political defeats to expose any feasible discrepancies?

    They couldn't even keep Project Manhattan a secret! The conspiracy theory defies the logic of the international intelligence community, as well a science.

    Moving on, to my favorite topic of all!

    Actually nope. You're totally fucking wrong.

    Every single shuttle astronaut who has ever gone into space, passed through the Van Allen belts. Specifically the South Atlantic Anomaly of the Van Allen belts. They live through it.

    And specifically, the Astronauts of Project Gemini, specifically Gemini X went directly into the Van Allen belts for longer durations than Apollo ever did, specifically to test for the safety of it. It worked great.

    They got elevated radiation doses, but were found to be quite alive upon their return, and fit enough to return to space, at a later time.

    Learn more here.

    So yeah:

  19. Checkmate man.
  20. I didn't actually think I would get a serious response. Off course we landed on the moon! What kind of nut job conspiracy theorist would actually believe this.

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