Did Lil Wayne Just Sample 2 PAC??! *New Track*

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    Im not in the flamin business, and No Ceilings brought back memories of the days i used to bump Wayne all day, but when you get on a track with 2PAC! and you cant even COMPARE, as big as Wayne is..

    this is where i gotta step in:mad:, WTF is wrong with dude?????????????:confused::confused::confused:

    Oh and that sizzurp is really killin his voice

    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upQR9EszWDs"]YouTube - Lil Wayne - Thats What *****s Do NEW!!! DOWNLOAD[/ame]

    Edit: and this was a horrible horrible sample, there was a reason and a deep meaning behind a lot what Pac says and writes. Wayne just turned it into some really egregious ignorant bullshit
  2. Wow. I love how he takes a song that actually has some deep meaning to it, chops it up into a sample about just smoking weed, and then continues to write one of the worst verses I've ever heard by Wayne. That was a shame to 2pacs name...just wow.

    2Pac >>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Lil Wayne
  3. dude peaked and its all downhill from here. its all lazy writing and too much lean.

  4. exactly...hes not hungry anymore..hes made his dough and no matter what bullshit he makes..the public feeds into it..its real sad man...rap fans have low ass standards these days
  5. wayne samples everybody. He even steals lyrics, which is sad because he doesn't even write the lyrics that he DOESN'T steal.

    He's a joke, and will be laughed off in the future much like people laugh about nsync nowadays.
  6. can someone tell the name of the original song?
  7. samples from
    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Nm8teGpZLU]YouTube - Thug Angel - Part 3[/ame]
  8. what a shit song. i wish 2Pac was alive so he could show lil wayne what's up.

    fuck, i wish Tech would start beef with lil wayne. he'd blow the fuck and show lil wayne how hip hop is done.
  9. i don't think the lean is killing his voice, i think it's the constant talking in that fake ass nasally voice every time anyone can hear him.

    i bet that fake motherfucker sounds like Bill Lumberg from office space when no one's around.
  10. man trust i know my hip hop, and i can easily tell you for what wayne does he is on of the best..

    what does he do? he fucking spitting off his head. he is not writing and not reading... you know how hard it is to able to do a couple mins of this shit per song.. it gets fucking hard and boring ... ESPECIALLY when you have to say different shit. this is where he steals lyrics so he can rhyme something or say something.

    his shit may not be perfect or godly, but for him going in with no paper and pen, he is one of the best. i know my hip hop and im saying this shit. wayne is good. and impossible to immitate.

    hes spits random shit/writes mainstream music .. both those reasons are very good ones as to why people hate him. thats his style, and writing mainstream is what he does for his MONEY not for your street cred.

    after years of him spitting random shit of his brain, some of it has to be not as good as others, thast just how the human brain works.

  11. its not technically freestyling. he thinks up some shit in his head..gets a good idea of what he wants..then goes and raps it and redoes it prolly 5-10 times till he gets it right..

    a freestyle to me is off the top of the dome 1 take..not thinkin it up and redoing it 15 times.
  12. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHN8zGn28BA]YouTube - Lil Wayne Carter Documentary Premiere (1st 10 mins)[/ame]

    even if yall HATE wayne..i mean i rele cant stand em..but watch that documentary..its pretty interesting to see all the drugs he does lol..by me postin that im tryin to show u hes not freestylin.
  13. Someone else sampled this first.... let me think of who.

    Lil Scrappy... yeah, that's who.

    I actually liked his song... ft. Pimp C if I remember right.

  14. yeah I agree he did ruin a really good tupac song.
    HIs voice is all fucked up because he just sucked off birdman. Hahahah:p
    but I agree no cellings was a tight mixtape, hopefully he can keep up that style. He needs to forget about this rockstar image he wants to obtain.
  15. yeah while he's at it he should forget that gangsta image he's trying to hold up as well.

  16. pffft...ha ha ha
  17. if pac n big were still alive and at it.. wayne wouldnt exist. thass my theory anyway

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