Did it work or are we completely desensitized

Discussion in 'Politics' started by defnotauser, May 2, 2016.

  1. Throughout history social activism has been a cornerstone on civil progression...

    Annie Hoffman, Bob Marley, Bobby Seal, Billy Bragg, Woody Guthrie, whatever floats your philosophical boat.

    Who is really making any noise now a days, seems we have observed and accepted our politicians are corrupted but are easily distracted by their soap opera style theatrics. I. Convinced Cointelpro succeeded beyond our imagination.....

    Fear of terrorism has clouded the grey area between extremist and peaceful social activism while completely discrediting the backbone of change.

    Thus my question, there's no right or wrong, I'm sincerely interested in your opinions so be civil :)

    Do you feel we actually live in a democratic world? No theories or accusations or party arguing, just as a whole.

    I certainly feel like politics has become so corrupt that real change is unlikely in our lifetimes... as pessimistic as that sounds...

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  2. I believe in the power of the individual. If one submits to 'authority' and consumes the bullshit fed to them, they themself are responsible.

    Those who don't recognize any 'authority' begin the process of self-liberation.

    In this way, the world is as we make it.

    What world do you live in?
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  3. You sir are certainly a fellow pagan, or at least familiar territory

    My question was more a thought after watching a documentary on th whole Cointelpro operation... was curious.... did it really succeed.

    I do agree with you, community, family, even more importantly ones self is key. However I don't like the dissociation between politics and human rights I'm observing on a global level to be honest.
  4. I don't think I am a pagan, I don't know what one would consider me.

    I haven't seen the documentary, but I can say the ruling class has the population under it's thumb. They are good at it, they have had thousands of years of practice. They know how to keep people in a state of fear, and know how to control people with it.

    IMO people are in a trance/coma of sorts. The assassination of JFK shocked the consciousness of the country, with many minor shocks leading up to 9/11. We get a new disease or virus just about once a year to instill a good dose of fear. Zika, Ebola, West Nile, Bird Flu, SARS, Swine Flu, Mad Cow disease etc.

    The have a Swiss army knife of tools to choose from, all with a similar end. Fear and control.
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  5. There's certainly a lot going on in politics these days, I'm always wary of fanatic ideologies for this reason.

    In my opinion, any path which leads to greater happiness and decreased suffering, is the right path. Science and reason is the way to go.
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