did it stop growing.

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  1. ive potted one plant. it grew fine for about the first 2 month to about 4 inches tall. a couple leaves on top, then it just stopped. and hasnt done anything since. Its been about a month or so since and still nothing. any ideas. I tried growing indoors then moved outside cause little flies starting growing it. then the squirrels tryed playing with it. so i moved back in. I just moved back out thinking i was screwing it out of sunlight. I keep it watered but its seems to not want to grow anymore.

  2. hey , :hello:
    after reading youre post 2 things came to mind.

    1. what kind of light you using? serious lack of light can cause slow growth, at 2 months they should def be bigger than 4 inches.( i know you were using sun for a bit but what about indoor lighting ^^

    2. other thing came to mind is maybe its rootbound, how big of pots do you have them in?

    also what kind of soil are you using?:smoking:
  3. Uhh.... 4 inches tall in 2 months? That's not growing fine. That's growing horribly slow. You did quite a few things wrong. You moved it out, then back in, then back OUT again. I'm pretty sure that could cause some kind of shock to the plant. Plus, the flies and squirrels...
  4. umm well on pot size, it about the size of a house plants, not a huge.i dont a huge plant. So i thought a small pot would keep it down some, but not this small, it not doing anything now. regular potting soil, nothing special. The light that I was using was one of those verilux desk lamps from those oreck people.
  5. ....THe volume...Tell us the volume.
  6. hell i dont know, about 2.5 lbs of soil in a pot about 6-7 inches tall by 4 inches wide, tapering down to about 2inches across. I've forgotten how to find volume, havent used it since school and for me that was a quite a few years ago. im going to try to get a pic. my camera broke.
  7. I'm no expert but that pot is TINY. Get it into at least a 2 gallon pot, it won't get huge in 2 gal. And get a 30 or so watt compact fluorescent bulb (the swirly ones). The daylight ones work awesome.

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