Did i trim too much

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  1. Trying to take out anything that wont produce. Was told to leave top 2 feet. Did i fuck these plants up. 1504450854105.jpg 1504450864879.jpg 1504450881390.jpg
  2. These are on a wood line so pictures are taken from back so you can see more.

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  3. Not at all. Looks fine to me.
  4. Nope. You'll save yourself all the fluff at the bottom.
  5. Sweet thanks guys. Never lollipoped before. They are looking great now. Loved being cleaned up.

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  6. Just saved yourself some labor time and easier access to bugs but at the cost of considerable yield imo. My friend is experimenting right now and literally doesn't see "more energy" transferring to the top. This is the third time he tries it with diff strain (also a breeder). He noticed that the plant just drinks less water which would make sense given the fewer leaves and heads sucking in energy from the sun and that the days of stress that follow that actually rob u a little. Less co2 if you remove the dead leaves the area. Gotta protect those nugs with your life now and the few leaves that you ha e. Got rid of a ton of armor and decoy nugs from bugs so gotta be on full alert. Dont let it ever get sick or it'll drain from the few leaves you have left as opposed to draining it from the bottom. Fluff is pretty valuable now a days too with all this wax and shatter trends. U can just chop them off without wasting precious time fine trimming them and blast or press
  7. People usually do this indoors where bugs won't be a threat to the few leaves and nugs on the plant. Also indoors people have weaker lights that shine from the top that never really hit the sides or bottom. With a dying star that is not the case. Not only does it move from bottom to top then to the bottom again but it also has enough energy to beef up those lower nugs. You should see mine right now. Fat dense golfballs. Glad I didn't chop them lol. Top looks amazing too.

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