did I topp correctly?

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  1. hey all, just wanted to post a couple pics of my recently topped plants,
    being my first time topping can anyone tell me if it looks like it was done properly,
    i basically just cut the newest growth from the top of the stem, fourth or fifth node
    i only did 2 outta 10 plants, if done correct i will do the others,

    what yall think

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  2. looks like mine did when i topped it and mine grew nicley
    id say well done
  3. yea it looks fine are the inernode intaced?
  4. intaced?
  5. He obviously meant intact.
  6. right haha:smoke:
  7. Go ahead and do the rest, that is exactly right.

  8. I feel like a bonehead,
    Yes they are perfectly intact,
    How long before any new growth and can u top a plant more than once,
    I plan on topping 5 outta 10 to actualy see wut difference it makes,
    I've heard anywhere between 15-30% more yield when u top?
  9. I've topped for the first time too. I think i'm a little ahead of you in my grow so i'll try and keep u posted. It took about 2 days before i started to see growth continue after topping.
  10. Thanx dude,
    I wouldn't mind seeing some pics of ur girls since were about at the the same stage,
    What u growin, how old are they,
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    I kept "detailed files" on my grows: topped plants do indeed provide increased yields...at least for the strains I've grown.

    My Chem #4 yields for topped plants were ~1.5oz vs. 1oz for untouched plants. My OG Kush yields were ~1.1oz vs. .8oz for untopped (untouched) plants. There is a very clear coorelation between topping and yield for these two strains.

    My heights at harvesting for the Chem strain were ~33" for topped vs. 36" for untopped. Shorter, but better yielding.

    I have read here on Grasscity that certain strains (Blueberry) really need/respond to topping. I cannot say, and would presume that certain strains prolly don't respond to topping. However, my personal experience is that it works.
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    I'm growing 2 green cracks, Uk Cheese, Bubba Kush, Headband, and Grandaddy Purple. 6 plants total. There all clones from a local dispensary here in the city.:smoke: There in there 2nd week of flowering
  13. yes you did perfectly.. im a huge fan of topping and dont grow a plant without doing it.. in your pic you know will have 2 new colas. great job. Personally i let 2-3 more nodes come in then top again.. and then repeat one more time.. this will give you 8 colas.. just my preference. everybody is different.

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