Did i top my plants correctly?

Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by Kushamphetamine, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. Hey guys, im new to the thread and the scene itself so as the title says, did i top my plants in the right spot? Theyre about a month old and i attempted my first top and am now nervous if i did it too high or in the right spot at all. Its probably more or less me underestimating myself but id rather be cautious than dumb. I personally think i did them one node too high but im no expert by any means. Sohere they are

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  2. You cut too close imo..and I also would have cut at least one node below.. and most importantly your plant is way too small to top. No offense but you were right to question yourself this time :/

    Don't put it through even more stress tho.. just let it grow..
  3. Appreciate the honestly. I feel as if i didnt leave enough stem there also. Mistakes were made lol. I couldnt find a definitive answer online when to top. All i could find was 3 nodes then top. Or 4 nodes. Blah blah. So i made a (poor) decision.
  4. You want to top at a node where two shoots or growth tips will take dominance over the main stem that you are cutting.

  5. Like Pistils pointed out, i probably topped too early but, i know now. Ill let them grow back out and be more cautious next time. Appreciate all the tips and what not. Any tips are appreciated. I take criticism well so anything yall see i may be doing wrong or u think ill prob make a mistake ok just let me know.
  6. You topped it correctly, just by doing it at this point vs. Obvious internodal development you run the risk of stunting the plant/damaging the internodal geowth before it takes off.

    If i understand correctly you just need to wait until your plant is through the seedling stage and into veg before topping. Don't be discouraged

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