Did I start with wrong AN Base Nutes A&B?

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  1. Hi,

    Grow Journal in my sig...just into week 4 in Veg, planning to switch over to 12/12 next week into flowering.

    I am using Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Hobbyist Kit (VooDoo Juice, Big Bud, B-52, Overdrive). I am also using the Advanced Nutrients pH Balanced Sensi Bloom A&B. My grow shop sold this to me, and I just realized that AN also has a Sensi Grow A&B. Should I have started with Sensi Grow A&B during the veg stage and THEN switch to Sensi Boom A&B when into flowering :confused:

    I couldn't find any clear info on this here doing a search, and my plants look quite well (pics from week 3 in my grow journal)....I just ran out of the 1L bottles of the A&B and need to go buy more to supplement in conjunction with the other nutes above. I would assume for the remainder of the grow to keep using Sensi Bloom A&B, but my overall question here is should I have used Sensi Grow A&B during veg instead of Sensi Bloom A&B ?

    I am planning to start a new RDWC grow in the next few weeks and want to start up correct. If I can just use Sensi Bloom A&B as I have in this grow, then maybe just keep things like this....or did I go "outside of the box" here :confused:
  2. you be fine using the bloom juice for veg, just shoot for a equal ratio's of npk
  3. Yeah I have and use the sensi bloom and it is for flowering stage.

    Just to let you in on something, I also use alaska fish fert for veg, it works so well an the greens u will see comin from your plants when used are amazing, the grow boost is somewhat awesome and is doesn't burn unless you drop the bottle in of course lol

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