did i send my plants into flowering?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by skully, Jun 12, 2003.

  1. my plants are now 20 days old there looking really good.about a week and a half ago i found out there was 17-17-17 ferts in the soil...
    today when i went into the grow room it reeked like weed and it looks like theres little pistels growing out the top of the plant.I dont know if there just new little leafes or is it going into flowering cause of the ferts.

    what do i do if its going into flowering cause of the ferts?
  2. my lights have been on 24/7 since beginning....theres been no dark period what so ever
  3. I've seen exactly what you are talikng about happen. It seems that the older and larger the plant gets you'll tend to see small signs of it;'s sex. Experienced growers can distiguish plant sex as early as almost a foot tall. Plus pinching the pLANTS TO PROMOTE BRANCHING WILL CAUSE THE TOP SHOOTS TO POP a male or female preflower, but they are usually very small. Don't think you have to worry about flowering them under that light cycle. A last note that most early finnishing starins like early girl or top 44 will show sex at a very early age even under 24/7.

  4. you have nothing to worry about, even if it was flowering thats not really a bad thing. How tall are your plants? When they reach about a foot maybe you should put the lights on 12/12 and bud um. Yeah maybe its just a kick ass strain.
  5. the strains a northen lights- blueberry.
    1 of the plants is almost a foot tall and the other 2 are short and very bushy.
    also i burnt my plants from the 17-17-17 ferts in the soil..nothing serious though i flushed them out and soaked them with root booster.they look great now..wish i had my digi camera here.

    should i wait till all my plants are a foot tall before i go 12/12 or what should i do?

    when do i ad 20-20-20 ferts to the soil...do i just mix it with water and water them once with it and thats all?

    when and how much epsom salts do i ad to the soil?

    the plants are in 4 gallon pots.

    thanx in advance :) i appreciate the help
  6. 1/ don't panic

    2/ don't panic again...lol...........remember it's a weed, if i were you, i'd flower when the hit 12"........you don't need epsom salts unless your plant needs it.................as for the fert, try and get something like 10-50-10 for flowering................Peace out.............Sid

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