Did I scrog it right?

Discussion in 'Plant Training' started by SuperStrainIndoor, Aug 18, 2017.

  1. IMG_3037.JPG IMG_3038.JPG IMG_3039.JPG I decided to scrog my Christmas tree, worried particularly about the main shoot, I had to bend it over and it just looks deathly to me. But did I do alright for scrogging my tree?

    Strain is Purple Chem by Cali Connections
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  2. shit it looks great too me are you gonna chop all that under growth? and
    honestly i would have built the scrog net a couple inches lower or closer too the bucket's but left room too water etc, but just personal preference, and spread out the canopy a little more u still in veg? or are u stretching already? also what light do u use? the output looks gorgeous lol
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  3. I keep mine about 18" high and water thru the top of the net..
    BTW: Nice lady pre flowers showing:)
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  4. I wanted to see if the undergrowth could possibly catch up to the net, there is still some light hitting those bottom branches.
    Thinking about a 2nd net to help spread out branches. Still in veg, little over 2 months now. 3x3 tent, 600w Viparspectra light.

    Thanks for the helpful comments everyone
  5. Also this is a dwc bucket so I have to figure out how to change the solution without raising the plant too much lol

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