Did I ruin my plants spraying Pyrethrins?

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  1. first time grower all organic outside no issues in veg stage but .. about 5 weeks into flower I found bud worms picked them off manually and realized I needed to step things up so I sprayed with BT. and still manually pulled them off after finding what seemed like more I spayed pyrethrins...
    now...... my plants have virtually no smell.... these are Maui pineapple strain. Im hoping there is some residue i could POSSIBLY rinse off? or are these buds toast......?

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  2. label says other ingredients 79.76% ....now that sus!
    I suggest the other is ...neem oil, if applied at the right amount would be undetectable during the cure

    perhaps a rinse in water at harvest may work but a pic of the plant is best otherwize we are shooting in the dark

  3. BT applied once a week every week in flower is enough to control the Caterpillars. You see them after they have eaten some treated leaf and crawled out to die.

    Peak smell occurs before Trichome maturity especially outside. I want maximum effects and as I shake it all for the Kief the smell is of secondary and far lesser importance. Your buds are likely fine.

  4. Stronger on the BT and make sure you spray under all leaves as well.
    As a pest control guy, we really only look at the active ingredient. In your case, the active is obviously permethrin, but it's run at only .24%. I run mine at 27% in the summer and roughly 10% in the winter. I honestly don't see how .24 could help you, but at least you don't have to worry about it harming the plant.
  5. No problem. The plant doesn't even notice pyrethrins. Your plants will be fine if you managed to eliminate the pests.
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  6. also pyrethrins breakdown under light. IIRC about 2 week until inactive.
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