Did I ruin my buds!??!

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  1. If I flush my plants starting today for the next 7-10 days, will I save the taste and quality of my buds? I made the mistake of not drilling holes in my 5 gallon buckets at the start. I haven't had any symptoms till now but I stopped adding any nutrients about 2 weeks ago bc I had my timing off. I noticed the leaves yellowing tips last week so I asked for advice. Y'all said nutrient burn so I trying to fix that decided I needed drainage holes. (Why didn't I decide to make holes in the start? Idk!) I just made my drainage holes today. I'm currently in week 7 of flowering and I did a flush today. Should I flush again tomorrow? How often to flush? How much water to flush out soil? Are they ruined already? Help!

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  2. They dont look ruined,but they may need to dry out for a while ...Don't wanna get root rot !
  3. How much water did you flush it with? A true flush uses the same amount of water that the pot is. So you would have used 5 gallons... Your plants aren't ruined. But it sure seems like you still have some nute build up in those buckets. Wait for it to dry and flush again in a few days.
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  4. You're over reacting.
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  5. Its not ruined.....so dont freak out lol. Just let it dry it a bit and flush again
  6. When you flush
    Run 1/4 the amount you plan on running through the waite 4-5 solid minutes then hit them with the other 3/4
    This allows the salts to melt and then the second round pushes them out .
    Catch the runoff (you want 20% runoff) and If you have a meter check the Ec Ppm on the run off
    I do this every other day for 10 days until the Ppm is bottomed out
    All this water won't hurt your plant no more than the sheers you're going to use come harvest .

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  7. It's hard to believe that plant made it that far in a bucket with no drainage
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  8. I know right!? I have 2 and I literally watered them everyday with half gallon each of pH balanced water. Never a problem until last week. :mellow:
  9. Do you suggest I run 5 gal of water through them every other day? Or 15 gal of water?
  10. Let dry till almost complete dry then do a 5-7 day flush - I do 5 gal pots and when I flush I use 1.5L everyday for 7 days then I harvest...
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  11. Ahh , no maybe it worked well for someone else so i won't knock it , but me i always run to the last minute so i dont have time to waite for it to dry
    5 gal in a 5 gal pot would take a minute to dry out some
    You want the plant to start digging into its surplus of nutrients as it drys out a bit at the same time flushing the remainder in the soil out .
    I would use 1/2 amount the size of the pot
    Get that 20% off

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