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Did I pass my UA?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CH8272, Aug 10, 2017.

  1. Hey guys, first of all sorry about my first post being about a drug test but I really need some advice.

    To start off, I will provide my physical info.

    I am 6'4" 238 lbs. Not obese just a big guy.

    Before I stopped smoking I smoked a hit or two per night, every night. I found out I had a golden job opportunity and quit the day I heard about it. From the time I quit to the drug test, it was 48.5 days. In that month and a half, I exercised every other day, changed up my diet to high veggies/ lean meat everyday in combo with apple cider vinegar. A week before the test I passed two at home tests with first void of day clearly and for a safety measure I independently went to a lab (send off) to get tested before the actual test and used first void again. My results are attached. It seems like I passed with flying colors.

    Took my actual test on Tuesday and it's Thursday now, I'm in the dreaded wait period. I think I might have drank too much liquid before test (~37 oz) my piss was not clear but not "normal" either, kinda in between. What do y'all think? Am I good or will I have to retest?

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  2. A tip: Never exercise too much or drink too much water before a drug test. Also, for the urine test, the initial and final portion of the urine contains the majority of the drug. Try to provide the sample comprising of the middle part.
    Besides, you are fine here. Don't worry
  3. Jeez dude, what part of Negative don't you understand?
    You're fine. Passed with flying colours.
  4. I guess I was mainly wondering about the dilution part. Sorry, just looking for reassurance because I need the job, bad lol
  5. Kinda seems like ya just wanted to brag to somebody about passing a drug test. Good job dude. Frick yea!
  6. It does kind of seem that way looking at it now :coffee: but mainly I was wanting to calm my nerves with some reassurance from other people on this forum, I can get pretty anxious unfortunately and literally everything is on the line with this job and it is of dire importance that I get it lol. Thanks for your input bud, I appreciate it.
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  7. Haha oh i know that feeling all too well.
  8. I passed!! Start my new job Monday!

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