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Did I pass my pre-employment drug screening?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by greenemonster, Jan 25, 2014.

  1. Hi Guys,
    I'm trying to figure out if I passed my pre-employment screening-
    Here's my story:
    A few weeks ago I had a pretty sudden phone interview- It went so well that I was actually hired over the phone, and asked to start two weeks later. At the end of the call he mentioned that I would need to go through a pre-employment screening and a drug test (which almost never happens in this industry). I've been a pretty regular smoker (at least 5-6 times a week for years), and knew I had maybe 10 days to pass this test.  
    So I stopped smoking that day, and took the GNC 7 day detox cleanse. I also drank tons of water (a few liters a day), did a few classes of Bikram yoga to sweat it out, and drank a fair amount of cranberry juice. I actually passed a take home test 4 days in, and passed another one after 4 more days (the first one was probably a bit diluted, but on the second test I took it early enough where I was still pretty dehydrated and passed). 
    So this past Tuesday, after 12 days, I went in for the real test- drank a fair amount of water, a sports drink, and took a vitamin supplement to add color. 
    Suddenly it's more than 72 hours and I still haven't heard anything. I actually checked in with the person in charge of my onboarding this afternoon, and she said that the one thing they are still waiting on is my Criminal Background check... Does this include the drug screening, or does this mean I'm in the clear? She would have let me know if there was an issue with the drug screening, right? 

  2. It sounds like you got nothing to worry about dude... You took almost all the same steps I took before I had a drug test for a job and passed.. Good luck at your job dood.
  3. Thanks man, mostly worried because I'm not 100% the drug screening isn't counted in the criminal background check, but I figure she would have said something about the drug test if that were still up in the air/an issue. Trying not to freak out too much, too bad I can't smoke to chill out until I find out!
  4. Background/criminal checks and drugs tests are most definitely two separate things... Sounds like you're good.Can I ask, what industry you are in where you got hired over an initial phone interview!?!? Never has happened to me hahaSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  5. Haha Sure! I work in advertising and this would be switching from agency side (no testing ever) to client side (drug testing). When you make the switch they usually try to sell you on it, plus I was recommended, which helps. Now I just need to keep my fingers crossed and hope I pass!

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